frivolous friday

Soub is moving house
He lives in tented splendor
Have wheels will travel.

Swaying odalisques please apply !!


Adullamite said...

Fantastic! Very Soub!
Is that the generator on top?

I want that vehicle.

red dirt girl said...

I don't think I'm the one to ask about generators - so I'll defer the question to soub.

Hopefully he will grace us with his presence later in the day and answer all pertinent questions.

Don't you just love the RED ???!!!


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Excuse me, I'll just go and throw another log on the open fire...

goatman said...

A great idea; a popup tent and you can sleep above a stream.
Drifting in the soundy burbles and babbles -- makeout words in the dark.

red dirt girl said...

You guys cover all the bases:

a generator
a glass of wine
another log on the fire
and make out sounds

mmmm.....yes, i could be happy here!

gz said...

I love both sets of wheels!
Hope he arrives safely

soubriquet said...

Hey there, RDG, let's not be too limiting, I'll answer impertinent questions too!

Generator? No. it's a recumbent trike.

I kinda want that vehicle, but I might just post one or two I want even more!

In a perfect world, I'd love to spend my time travelling, and, dammit no blogger, that's not a misspelling, double l is correct. I speak english, not Samuel Websterese.

RDG is suspicious of my hankering for a life on the ocean wave, being not too sure at all of the concept of flotation. But, with a sufficiently comfortable go-anywhere vehicle, she'd travel.
One of these, maybe, but with more bookshelves.

goatman said...

Additional letters are free in the old country.

red dirt girl said...

Hi gz!

I think my post is a bit misleading - yes, he WILL be moving house, just not this year ... early spring 2013 if all goes well with visas and such...

but i do love both sets of wheels myself, and it was such a Soub kind of picture ...!


red dirt girl said...

that Unicat - WOWEEE!!! That takes RVing to a whole new level .... it definitely would take some streamlining of stuff .... but I'd be happy to chuck it all and spend the rest of life traveling around in one with my sweetheart. Hopefully it comes with a hot water heater ... ???


red dirt girl said...

goatman - - hahahahahaaaa!