letting go

When Heaven gives and takes away
can you be content with the outcome ?

~ Lao Tzu
from Tao Te Ching 

I don't know if I am willing ...
~ rdg



J Cosmo Newbery said...


Adullamite said...

God cries with you when you cry.....

goatman said...

I see no other choice. We are not gods, individually.

soubriquet said...

Rhetorical question?

It makes some people feel better to think that there's a heaven or a god who has a plan to which we are not privy.

There's no evidence whatsoever to support that view.

An equally accurate, but less welcome quotation is " Shit Happens".
I say that not to be unsympathetic, I think it's an ultimately better explanation than trying to pin it on a crazy old mythical psychopath in the sky. If you do, and you choose to believe in him, then you have to ask just how he'd fare in a court of law, when asked about his claims to being all loving and all merciful, when the record clearly shows him to be all too often quite the opposite.
Nor can he use "the devil" as a get-out clause, given his claim to be all-powerful, and the creator of everything, including the devil and evil.

red dirt girl said...

I'm not sure why this question resonated with me last night. Because, as goatman points out, we truly have no choice.

The archaic meaning of 'content' is 'to be willing' and that struck me. Do I rail and fight against what already exists? Or am i willing to accept all outcomes - no matter what emotional label I tag them with:

this outcome is good.
this outcome is bad.
this outcome is unfair.
this outcome hurts.

That's what we do, we humans. We tag events with our emotions. We try to 'make sense' out of random, yes even 'shit happens' events.

Am I willing ???
I don't know ... I think it takes time for me, personally, to process before I am able to accept the outcome. But not accepting the outcome is like not accepting that the sky is blue sometimes. Or that rain feels wet. Or snow is cold. Or my eyes are blue. It's illogical. The event 'is.' I choose how to interpret it. My interpretation can help me cope or it can keep me feeling wounded ... which do I choose ???

I did not intend this post to be an argument for or against God. We all have our own beliefs. I personally am not 'content' or 'willing to' accept that I was derived out of a cold dark void and to a cold dark void is where I will return.

I read each comment and see the 'truth' as each of you believe it to be and I love each one of you for it.

So let's leave it there. I've always said I will not argue religion or politics on my blog (or even in my private life).

And I truly truly do appreciate each one of you. I just need a hug right now.


Lin said...

Uh oh. I'm sending love and positive thoughts for you, my friend.

I find that I hate that quote when things are not going so smoothly. And no, I do not like it or accept it. Sometimes, you just have to cope, acceptance is not readily at hand.

I hope your difficult time ends soon and the sun shines on your face once again.

bulletholes said...

i've come to look at some thing in the view of what we call the "Second tradition" down at my NA Group. It goes:
"“For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority—a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern".

It kind of means whatever will be will be. It kinda means that we can fight about a lot of stuff, and try to control a lot of stuff, but in the end we generally will get an outcome that works for everybody.

And I can apply it to my life personally as well, eeven though I don't see god as much more than just a certain order in the universe. Bad stuff can happen, but we get through it, and some things are revealed that might have been otherwise hidden, and the world is a slightly better place for it. There is no reason for me to freak out. god gets expressed in my life now and then, I just have to look a little.
And its not always pretty.

A little story for you...
A few years back I had a feud going with one of the guys at work. If i wanted to get under his skin, all I had to do was take one of his soda's and drink it. He's one of those guys that counts his f'n soda's right? And the more I took from him, the closer count he kept. But he could never catch me. i only took about 3 a year, just enough to keep him all f'd up.

Then one day after I had taken one of his soda's because he had been a real dick, I get a call from the Bedford Police. They have my son in custody.It seems while he was walking down the street on the way to school, he got thirsty, spotted a refrigerator in an open garage, and decided to help himself to a nice cold soda.

Coincidence? Maybe. But I like to think it was the way of the universe, my "group conscience" if you will, being expressed to me.
I think we get that time to time.
I don't mess with homeboys cokes anymore.

red dirt girl said...

Hey cowboy!

I'm glad you weighed in on this topic because I have been wondering how 12 step programs were negotiating the steps that originally cited God as the power greater than ourselves....

great story about the sodas ... what goes around comes around and no, I don't believe it's just all random shit...!


bulletholes said...

Interesting "abiut a power greater than ourselves" that some people call "god"...
The 12th Tradition says: Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us
to place principles before personalities."

I heard a guy share on this one time, and he said what that means to him is that no one has the one single definition for god. That god himself is anonymous, and only evident in whatever way he may express himself to us individually.
Its great language, that allows an addict time and space to come to his or her own understanding.

red dirt girl said...

Oh i love this cowboy - can i post it on its own?? it's exactly what i'm trying to express in a not so eloquent way - your version hits it on the money ...


red dirt girl said...

Thank you, Lin!! Thank you for the hug - much needed along with the love and positive thoughts ....!!!


bulletholes said...

Thanks Red. Its not really my version.
Its Eddie W.'s; he has a grey goatee down to his belly button, all these jailhouse tat's, and goes by the biker name of 'Quicksand"...to look at him you would never expect the quiet wisdom and gentle spirit that comes out of his mouth.
So if you quote him, just call him "Quicksand".