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Anais Nin in Silverlake / Los Angeles

…an exercise in creation

"My father left: love means abandonment and tragedy, either be abandoned or abandon first, etc. Not only the leap over the obstacle of fatality, but a complete artistic rehearsal of the creative instinct which is a leap beyond the human through a complete rebirth, or perhaps being born truly for the first time. To accomplish this it was not sufficient that I should relive the childhood which accustomed me to pain. I must find a realm as strong as the realm of my bondage to sorrow, by the discovery of my positive, active individuality. Such as my power to write […] the most vital core of my true maturity."
~ by Anais Nin
From The Diary of Anais Nin, Volume I (1931-1934) (1966)
page 295.

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J Cosmo Newbery said...

No shortage of active individuality in Anais Nin!

red dirt girl said...

To say she lived life to the fullest would be a gross understatement .....

definitely broke all the rules and then some!


red dirt girl said...

on active individuation - see Otto Rank - friend and psychoanalyst to Anais Nin