saving the best for last

"I think in our culture we put too large of a significance on our 'firsts.' 
I’d like to believe that firsts aren’t as important as lasts.
The person you spend loving for the rest of your life, 
no matter who or how many came before, 
is the important one." 



J Cosmo Newbery said...

Yes. I have to agree.

gz said...

We certainly agree.
Thanks for the post

goatman said...

Seems as if one would have to read the future to determine "last".
You never know . . .

Lin said...

Well, we don't always know when the "last" is.

Gees, I wish I knew what that last diaper change was. Or that last time my kid held my hand...willingly. See...we don't know when it is to celebrate it. Maybe we need a bell or something to let us know. :)

red dirt girl said...

hi all!

to tackle the 'which one is last' question - for me, i consider the one i love now is the last one for me. live in the present, love in the present. give him/her your all and don't look back ... especially don't look back !!

for Lin - i see your point - but lasts often precede that step into a new phase: toddler to kindergarten; elementary to middle school ... you get my drift. maybe when we are celebrating the first, we should take a moment to celebrate the 'last' that came before .... :)