Above the Dock

Above the quiet dock in mid night,
Tangled in the tall mast’s corded height,
Hangs the moon. What seemed so far away
Is but a child’s balloon, forgotten after play.

~ T.E. Hulme



J Cosmo Newbery said...

Mr Hulme paints nice pictures.

soubriquet said...

I take it that finesse, and fiddles, are coming soon.
One of my favourite little poems. I wonder what picture you'll find to illustrate it, T.E. Hulme was a remarkable person, poetry was just a spare-time pursuit for him, but he left us this valuable legacy of words.

red dirt girl said...

I'm definitely headed that way ... you first introduced me to Hulme. Then I overwhelmed you with his complete writings - not realizing that poetry was only a part-time pursuit for him. He really was more interested in philosophical and political debates.

Still, he was an interesting man, and like most, he died too young. I read somewhere that Ezra Pound attempted to take credit for the new poetics that actually were pioneered by Hulme. I can see how he influenced Eliot ...