[She goes, she is, she wakes the waters]

She goes, she is, she wakes the waters
primed in their wave-form, a flux of urge
struck into oneness, the solid surge
seeking completion, and strikes and shatters

and is its fragments, distinction’s daughters
and now, unholding, the cleave and merge
the hew and fusing, plundering the verge
and substance is the scheme it scatters

and what it numbers in substantial sun.
Her hands hold many or her hands hold none.
And diving the salt will kiss a convex eye

and be salt fact and be the bodied sky
and that gray weight is both or beggared one,
a dead dimensional, or blue begun.

~ Karen Volkman, “[She goes, she is, she wakes the waters]” from Emblem.


goatman said...

There is more here than meets the eye. Still looking . . .

red dirt girl said...

Oh most definitely - I'm still searching as well .... love the rhyming pattern and rhythm. Letting the images soak in .....

Her other poems are equally puzzling and fascinating.