frivolous friday



Dave Renfro said...


So how is retail this most retail time of the year? You're still posting so I guess you weren't killed in a stampede on Black Friday. That's good.



red dirt girl said...

Hahahaa ..... retail is surprisingly strong this year. I did survive Black Friday ... our store was the company's top seller Fri, Sat and Sun last weekend. Our numbers look good. It will be another million dollar december! (I'm angling for that raise in March). Thanks for asking :)

Hi Dave!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I've seen those posts.

Adullamite said...


Adullamite said...

p.s You deserve a rise!

soubriquet said...

"You may think a toilet is just a toilet, but we would like
to make a toilet a home health measuring center," Mr.
Matsui, the Matsushita engineer, said in a lecture here in
Nara, near Osaka. "We are going to install in a toilet
devices to measure weight, fat, blood pressure, heart beat,
urine sugar, albumin and blood in urine."

The results would be sent from the toilet to a doctor by an
Internet-capable cellular phone built into the toilet.
Through long-distance monitoring, doctors could chart a
person's physical well-being.

"We will have this within five years or so," said Harry
Terai, director of home appliances research for Matsushita."

soubriquet said...

Speaking, of course as your resident plumber and indefatigable factoid ferreter, I might just add that though there are loads of articles reorting such technology, the chances are that this is just a swirl in the bowl.
The earliest mention I can find was on a first of april some years ago. Matsushita itself is curiously quiet about the story.

soubriquet said...

Oh... and if you're snickeringat Matsu-SHIT-a, no, that's not a spoof. They do make toilets, but are better known in the west as 'Panasonic'.


soubriquet said...


SL said...

Oh that is too funny!

Lee said...

I'll have to be careful next time I visit the bathroom!!

I'll be looking over my shoulder!!

Lin said...

I think some of my FB have that feature. Criminy....at least it feels that way.

Inspector Clouseau said...

The quest for more information....