christmas outtakes ....

I want to be where Santa arrives in a boat, 
the weather is balmy,
and women wear vintage bathing suits!

Where refugee trees aren't cornered,
given a single blanket,
and only water to drink !

Where a mirror makes you look twice as good!

And I have all the time in the world to make
Martha Stewart's craft projects:

Christmas Gifts:

I enjoyed an evening being 'gem-maw' to my
step-daughter's 2 year old.  This included her feeding me
pizza; whispering secrets in my ear; an unexpected kiss on the cheek;
and me subversively feeding her blue cotton candy ice cream,
liberally doused with candy sprinkles and gummi bears.  
I loved watching her smear it all over her hands and lick it off.
The best part?
Handing her back to 'mommy' to clean.
 One word:  Payback.

My Christmas Day project.

After much delay and waiting on official documents to arrive from official places, 
I have FINALLY printed out the entire packet for Soubriquet's K-1 Fiance' Visa,
including the necessary supporting documentation. 
All that is left is for me to collate, copy once more, sign and mail.
I've read that it takes approximately 5 months to process from start to finish.
Start meaning arriving at the USCIS lockbox location in Dallas and End meaning Soubriquet is handed his approved travel Visa upon the conclusion of his US Embassy interview in London. Soubriquet claims it takes only 2 to 3 months.
I hope he's right and I'm wrong.
Either way, will keep you posted, and am looking forward to a joyous New Year!


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Now that is a present and a half!

Hope Soub's right on the timing.

goatman said...

Much Joy abounds . . .

I am happy to see that photos are involved in the official application?

Dave Renfro said...

I had an immigration lawyer in Fort Smith do up Mrs. DMG's K-1 application. Best money I ever spent, if only because I had someone to call to find out if I should start panicking yet. I remember one conversation:

Me: Shouldn't we have heard something by now?

Him: It's only been three and a half months and it usually takes four. A lot of things have to happen in that time (he lists them), and it is unreasonable to expect them to get through all of it in less than four months. But four months and one day is too damn long for you and your fiance to have to wait. As the attorney representing you as you exercise your right as a citizen to petition to bring your qualified fiance here, I will take it as a personal insult if they do not act on your petition in a timely manner, meaning less than four months. I will not stand for it.

We got the stuff a week later.

Good luck with it, I need someone to crew for me at Rocky Raccoon next year!


Dave Renfro said...

Third time's the charm. Can't type today.

Dave Renfro said...

By the way, if that picture of the two of you on the front porch swing doesn't convince them the two of you are in a bona fide loving relationship and that you're not merely bringing him here to exploit him in some weird older male prostitution ring, nothing will!

red dirt girl said...

Me too, Cosmo!

Hi goatman - well, we are supposed to provide 'evidence' that we've met during the last 2 years, so we are supplying photos as part of the package along with copies of entry/exit stamps in passports ... much joy WILL be abounding when this finally goes through. I'm almost out of patience .......!! But I've never been one who likes to wait. So this relationship IS a testament to the power of love because I've been PATIENT for 6 years :-). It's always that last little bit that tries to do you in...

Hi Dave!

Argggghhh! Now I'm feeling somewhat panicked that I didn't hire an immigration lawyer to do this for me ....I suppose I'll be biting nails for the next 4+ months. Glad to know it works despite the snail-like pace.

I hope the photos will help our cause. Would love to see you at Rocky Raccoon next year!


bulletholes said...

This, this Fiance' thing, it sounds pretty damn serious.

red dirt girl said...

Hi cowboy!

Yes, Dave IS funny.

I called the Fiance' Visa helpline today as I was collating the packet, just to find out if it was true that I had to sign and date EVERY piece of paper I was sending ...

The clear and simple answer was: YES.

I guess the department of homeland security takes this pretty seriously.


goatman said...

You may as well sign just one more piece of paper to get the top secret security clearance.
This will allow you to spy on others.

red dirt girl said...

ROFL goatman !!!

you give me the giggles, sometimes!