christmas tree lots

Christmas trees lined like war refugees,
a fallen army made to stand in their greens.
Cut down at the foot, on their last leg,

they pull themselves up, arms raised.
We drop them like wood;
tied, they are driven through the streets,

dragged through the door, cornered
in a room, given a single blanket,
only water to drink, surrounded by joy.

Forced to wear a gaudy gold star,
to surrender their pride,
they do their best to look alive.

~ by Chris Green
Source: Poetry (December 2001)



gz said...

Blessings Be


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Used for pleasure and then disposed of. Tsk.

goatman said...

This person was in the army and knows well what "greens" are; although they are camo outfits now to fit into the desert terrain.
This person is also empathetic and writes a very nice poem.

Have a happy day with those close and celebrate your fortune. lyle

Lee said...

A very Merry Christmas to you...I hope you have a most joyous time with those you care about and who care for you. :)

Dave Renfro said...

Our tree is a true evergreen: It's as green now as it was three years ago. There is no grand metaphor in that.

Merry Christmas, mule friend. Pass on my love to the mulettes.


red dirt girl said...

Merry Christmas to all .... and now I'm going to sleep and wishing sweet dreams for ya'll too.


Mametz said...

Marry Christmas RDG, you are an inspiration and a joy, have a really amazing new year and Chrustmas

bulletholes said...

Merry Christmas Red!