"Inanimate objects are always correct and cannot, unfortunately, be reproached with anything. I have never observed a chair shift from one foot to another, or a bed rear on its hind legs. And tables, even when they are tired, will not dare to bend their knees. I suspect that objects do this from pedagogical considerations, to reprove us constantly for our instability. "

~ Zbigniew Herbert



icyHighs said...

Just forwarded it to everybody I know, what an awesome quote! Now to Google ol' Herbert.

Adullamite said...

Lovely picture.
However I had believed until now you lived in something a bit more modern.

SL said...

Oh no, now my furniture is judging me too?! This can not be good. Great post, RDG!

goatman said...

I wonder how to pick out the tired chair?

And objects are not beyond reproach -- an object in the wrong place can be troublesome: picture my tiller in the lake (which happened). . .

red dirt girl said...

Icy !!! Aarrghhh - now that I know you're visiting the gate, I feel the pressure to be cool and wise and kickass .... none of (which we both know) I am. But I still remember you serenading me beneath the balcony with your old school boom box blasting: Pour some Sugar on me ....!


ps. Will you personally autograph my copy of your book?

red dirt girl said...

Hi Adullamite!

I should probably have referenced the photographer - but I'm fairly anti-protocol that way. I like old objects. And what I live in is far too modern for me ... :)


red dirt girl said...


Though I think they are on target by thinking me unstable.


red dirt girl said...

I think the chair lying on its side in my back yard is tired. Not sure why ... it has a sort of listlessness about it, goatman.

Did you really till your way into the lake ?? Oh please share the story!


goatman said...

It was a coordination problem. Tiller hits root near edge of bank above lake and jumps out of my hands to leap into the water. Come-along it out, drain oil and gas, remove and clean carb,and re-assemble. All is well. . .
Next time: how I dropped the chainsaw into the lake -- just as interesting!

soubriquet said...

Am I the only one here who wishes I had a cool name that nobody pronounces right, like Zbigniew?

I do, or did, really know a guy called Xenon.

Inanimate objects are not always correct. Tables often wobble, insolently. Reproach them, as often as you wish. Kick the legs of chairs which offend you.
Take an ice-axe to their souls.

red dirt girl said...

I should have known it would be you, Soub, to mention tables with wobbly legs.... which is quite true. Many tables wobble. But PLEASE leave Kafka and the ice-axe out of this debate. I thought we agreed to disagree re: ice-axes and souls ...!!


goatman said...


Lee said...

I love that picture...what a fabulous piece of photography it is!

And, yes...it is an awesome quote, if I'm allowed to ditto a previous comment. :)

red dirt girl said...

Svig - LOLOL!

for all (but especially for Lee and Adullamite)

photo is by Keith Dotson:


He has a beautiful set of b/w photos on his flickr photostream


gz said...