updated blessings !!

Okay guys!!  
My magical wizard, Soubriquet, has done me the greatest favor by stitching this video back together.  I knew he could achieve what I in my 'living under a rock' status could not.
For all who had trouble viewing, this should do it.
Thank you my wizard ....
and thank you friends!



Lin said...

I'm envious of their "no fear" attitude. I think that is what holds us back as adults.

Well, that and my bones hurt just from sleeping. :)

Very COOL video!

gz said...

The Carpenter used to commute on a longboard, as did my SiL through the middle of Cardiff!!
He's doing good. Nice video and thanks to the Soub wizard!!

Adullamite said...

Good vid in the end. He certainly needs a skatepark so he and the mates can cheerfully break their bones daily.

Lee said...

Maybe I should get one of those! Yeah...in my dreams!

And thank you Soubriquet...

goatman said...

I've not heard of such a board === so a long skateboard?

Looks like a knee scorcher if he's not careful.

Dave Renfro said...

Kid's got skills!

red dirt girl said...

I'm with you on that, Lin!

gz! xxx

I think a traditional skatepark is probably too mini-sized for longboarders. A longboard is meant for cruising. Tricks are the icing on top.

Lee :)

goatman - Yes. Butt scraper and knuckle bruiser so far.

Hi Dave !


icyHighs said...

boy gotz skillz!

bulletholes said...

"You cant be careful on a skateboard Dawg"
Some kid at the mall


red dirt girl said...

Thank you all for the positive comments. He and I just read them together (he's impressed by the cultural diversity here). And wants me to let you know they are working on an even BETTER video!