my idea of heaven ...

Soft kisses on my shoulder.
A low murmur.
Translucent touch as my body rises from sleep,
my mind still skating on the edges of dreams.
I'm happy.
The girl who doesn't do happy,
especially at 7:30 am.
What's this?
Porridge in bed and Assam and Tomas.
"Princesses are such high maintenance," he says
with a smile in his voice.
These moments, these moments
I want to capture them like fireflies
and put them in a mason jar
watch them as they glow and dim,
glow and dim.
I want to keep them forever,
but cannot.
Like most things held captive,
they long for air to fly through,
verdant surfaces to land on.
Glass walls are not for things such as these.
So I release
Let go
Swirling up through me,

~ by rdg


bulletholes said...

Grinning. You crazy kids.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

So, the visit's going well then?

goatman said...

Very nice . . .
A keeper

red dirt girl said...

c-r-a-a-a-z-e-e happy

well ..... we haven't had to call the paramedics yet .....

thank you, goatman. this was originally meant to be a post ....and what do ya know - i found my words again ;)


SL said...

Aw, heavenly indeed.

red dirt girl said...

thank you, SL!

(apologies for the late response. i've been a'travelin' ....)