austin ain't no cowtown ...

But they DO love their longhorns!!

Uncommon Objects on SoCo, Austin

UT Austin Co-op

McD's Austin, TX

Woo Moo ??

Longhorn Mania, UT Co-op

Hook'em Horns

For $7.99 a head, you can buy your own herd

I dream of cows in psychedelic color

Mural inside Lucy in Disguise, SoCo, Austin

Allens Boot Company, SoCo, Austin

Allens Boot Company, SoCo, Austin

Barber Shop - No Bull

Dapper Cow



national poetry month - 3

Dream of the Huntress

It is always the same:
she is standing over me

in the forest clearing,
a dab of blood on her cheek

from a rabbit or a deer.
I am aware of nothing

but my mutinous flesh,
and the traps of desire

sent to test it—
her bare arms, bare

shoulders, her loosened hair,
the hard, high breasts,

and under a belt
of knives and fish-lures,

her undressed wound.
Every night the same:

the slashed fetlock,
the buckling under;

I wake in her body
broken, like a gun.

~ by Robin Robertson

national poetry month - 2

homage to my hips

these hips are big hips
they need space to
move around in.
they don't fit into little
petty places. these hips
are free hips.
they don't like to be held back.
these hips have never been enslaved,
they go where they want to go
they do what they want to do.
these hips are mighty hips.
these hips are magic hips.
i have known them
to put a spell on a man and
spin him like a top!

~ by Lucille Clifton


national poetry month

Romanesque Arches

Inside the huge romanesque church the tourists jostled in the half
Vault gaped behind vault, no complete view.
A few candle-flames flickered.
An angel with no face embraced me
and whispered through my whole body:
"Don't be ashamed of being human, be proud!
Behind you vault opens behind vault endlessly.
You will never be complete, that's how it's meant to be."
Blind with tears
I was pushed out on the sun-seething piazza
together with Mr and Mrs Jones, Mr Tanaka and Signora Sabatini
and inside them all vault opened behind vault endlessly.

~ Tomas Transtromer
from New Collected Poems
translated by Robin Fulton



mr. fix-it-man

"Cause if you don't fix it baby .... maybe the milkman can."

At MY house, there's no need for the milkman.  My man is THE Mr Fix-It Man. Within 48 hours of his arrival, Soubriquet was busily 'fixing' this mule's paddock whilst my co-workers were busily texting me - 'What are you doing??? Where are you??  Are you having fun??"  I explained ever so sweetly that having a man who can solve the small problems that plague a single mom's life is worth his weight in chocolate.  Better than chocolate, even!  

And though it did not sound romantic, Soubriquet had unplugged my bathroom sink, unplugged my daughter's shower, cleaned the mineral deposits in my porcelain toilets, repaired (again) the broken handle on the microwave, oiled the garage door tracks and back door hinges, unsunk my in-sink-erator (which hasn't worked properly in the full 3 years I've lived here) and fixed the front door lock. He also had the oil changed in my car, replenished the anti-freeze and washer fluids, and put air in my tires.  

And if ALL OF THE ABOVE was not enough, he served me porridge and tea in bed and read poetry to me.  I saucily text'd my boss, "Are you jealous yet?"  I received a terse text back:  "Yes. Have fun." 
front door lock
Now it locks!
microwave handle
And do you think Soubriquet stopped there ... OH NO!!  He drove me to work and picked me up each day.  One evening we pulled up to the house, and Soub was telling me all about his day as he casually pressed the garage door button.  I glanced at the garage but focused on him, laughing at one of his humourous moments and then did a double-take.  WHHAATTT???  My garage!!  Oh my heavens, you could actually see a clear path from the driveway to the kitchen back door!!!  Not only had he 're-arranged' my endless pile of stuff, he 'organized' it as well AND swept up all the dog food that had been scattered about.  And let's not forget the bikes - he dusted those off, and pumped the tires and took me on a very very short impromptu ride.  What a busy boy he had been ......

you can actually walk through the garage now!
organized stuff'
I could continue on here.  We haven't even begun to discuss my various technology 'issues' which Soub also tackled.  And yes, we DID take two trips to the hill country of Texas.  I unashamedly admit that I LOVE having my mr. fix-it man take care of me.  Oh sure.  I could do the self-sufficient pioneer woman thing and  .... hire out these jobs.  And deny myself the pleasure of being cared for???!!  I think not.
my reminders

He's hoping he won't have to clean my toilets again!

Grippy stuff for the pesky center console in my SUV

Now this is the true treasure of my man:  On his final day in Texas, I awoke early, got ready for work, he fixed me porridge and tea one last time, and I kissed him hard and left..  I cannot bear taking him to the airport, so I arrange for a car service to take him.  When I arrived home that evening, to my empty house, no tea waiting, no Soubriquet waiting, I found these lovely pink notes scattered about my house.  Small reminders that I am truly loved and cared for.  

Thank you, sweetheart.


frivolous friday

I do not see him here or there.
I do not see him anywhere.
I think he may be in that box,
introducing me to paradox.

I think that cat,
he may be dead,
lying in his cardboard bed.
In the box he would not thrive,
but chances are he’s still alive.

The kitty with the quantum oath,
at this moment he may be both.

“The Cat In The Box” design by Nathan W. Pyle shows a Dr. Seuss-like book cover altered for the thought experiment of Dr. Schrödinger.

available at TShirtVortex


like mother like son ...

Hopdoddy's on SoCo, Austin, Texas

My oldest child, Isaac, a sophomore at UT Austin, invited us up for the Zeta Theta chapter
of Pi Alpha Phi's Annual Parents' Weekend.  And no, I do not understand the 'Greek' any
better than you do!  Because I had to work part of the weekend, Soubriquet and I were only
able to meet Isaac for brunch on Sunday.  We had little time to visit or talk.  Plus my handsome
son was running a slight fever, had a horrible cough and a sore throat.  So I did what any momma mule would do:  I took him to a local pharmacy; purchased some OTC meds; and sent him back to his apartment with instructions on what to take, including a NAP!  Later in the evening we met at Hopdoddy's, a gourmet burger joint, on the infamous South Congress strip.  Isaac was feeling more spry, and we had fun mugging for Soubriquet's camera (both of us notoriously camera shy :)

Why we love Hopdoddy's !!



duct tape footwear - an interim post

I've been meaning to post.  Honest.  I have tons of photos from my recent travels with Soubriquet.  I have cows ..... dozens of cows.  Quirky shop fronts.  Weird Austinites.  Cool purple houses.  Iron gates.  It's all on the new laptop.  The one Soubry gave me for Christmas.  So why am I here on my ancient and outdated MacBook Pro from 2007 ???  I'm having a hard time letting go.  Windows Vista is so so ..... frustrating to learn.  I feel ashamed.  Until Soub arrived, the new super fantastic laptop was living under my bed.  Soub rescued it, dusted it off and began loading cool software onto it for me.  He even formatted my start page to look more like the Windows software I use at work.  And I posted our lost in Austin post from it - so obviously I am 'capable' .....

I think this is a metaphor for my life at the moment.  I'm bridging the gap between an old life that no longer fits me and a new life that I'm longing to start with Soubriquet.  The gap is the governmental chasm of bureaucracy.  The gap is my fear of letting go.

Maybe I'm just being lazy....

Enough armchair philosophizing.  This is a post about the latest and greatest in 12 year old footwear:  Duct Tape Footwear.  On the feet of my youngest mulette, Lucas.  Aren't these the coolest ???  His friend made them for him.  All it requires is a pair of socks with feet in them.  And duct tape.  The creator is a 12 year old aspiring high fashion footwear designer named Kelyn.  I think she's got a great eye:

We are definitely a family of cool footwearers !!!

(see Soub's photo HERE)


the last good-bye

next time the ticket's one way 


last seen ...... lost in austin !