austin ain't no cowtown ...

But they DO love their longhorns!!

Uncommon Objects on SoCo, Austin

UT Austin Co-op

McD's Austin, TX

Woo Moo ??

Longhorn Mania, UT Co-op

Hook'em Horns

For $7.99 a head, you can buy your own herd

I dream of cows in psychedelic color

Mural inside Lucy in Disguise, SoCo, Austin

Allens Boot Company, SoCo, Austin

Allens Boot Company, SoCo, Austin

Barber Shop - No Bull

Dapper Cow



gz said...

Try a visit to Bulls in NZ...the puns there are limitless!
Delectabull -on the deli
|Non-returnabull - on the public loo
Affordabull - on the dollar shop

There are ones on the school, the church,the craft supplies shop, the butcher...

I never stopped there, just went through by bus or car on the way to Wellington.

Adullamite said...

There are a few cows around here also....

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Whoa, that's a Hereford--not a Longhorn! (Would the owners of the Avenue Barber Shop just happen to be Aggies?)

soubriquet said...

C'mon now, that's no Hereford, My guess would be an Angus.

goatman said...

MMMmmmm hamburger !

red dirt girl said...

Hahahahaa, gz.
I like easy puns.

red dirt girl said...

Ohhh Adullamite. I guess you're talking about your local McDonald's, yes ???
Because .... you would NEVER refer to a woman as a 'cow', right Adullamite??
Just nod your head in agreement and we will leave this conversation peacefully ...


red dirt girl said...

Uhh ... okay. To be fair, the cow pictured in the Avenue Barber Shop pic does look like a hereford. (Pronounced HER-ford where I grew up).

The dapper cow does indeed look like an angus.

And even though we were in longhorn territory, I kept finding all kinds of cows in Austin. Which I found to be a bit odd (not the longhorn part) since Fort Worth is the official 'Cowtown.'

Not odd, but ... quirky. And I like quirky.


red dirt girl said...

Goatman !!
glad to see you've rejoined the land of the omnivores :)

soubriquet said...

Sigh.... You're right. Hereford.

I was looking at the bowler hatted guy,
I should think before I put my foot in my mouth!

He-re-ford. After the town in England.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Before the days when the internet was readily accessible almost everywhere, I went around and around with a good friend over Hereford, Texas being named after the cattle--not the other way around. Hey, with a guy who preferred being called Ooga Booga, one should expect such things from him.

By the way, if you two ever get up in the heart of the Texas panhandle, it just might be worth the entire trip to go to Hereford. That is, if the Cattleman's Restaurant is still in business and being run like it used to be, of course. For a small chicken-fried steak (smotherd in real cream gravy) was a big as a fairly good-sized platter (the mashed potatoes and more cream gravy came on a separate plate) and even a devout carnivore like me could make a very good meal out of just eating off of the salad bar.

Lin said...

Wowee...that's a LOT of cows! And to think I was all excited because I pass a giant fiberglass cow on my way to work each day. In the city, no less!

I'm jealous.

Dapper Cow is the bomb!

red dirt girl said...


I'm sure our ramblin' ways will eventually take us through Hereford. I'm wondering if Soub tried chicken fried steak on his first visit to Texas ... can't remember. Do remember him asking me why it's called 'chicken fried' - I don't know! I grew up with it and never bothered to question the name!

So you hang with people who call themselves 'Ooga Booga' ... hmmmm ... (LOL)


red dirt girl said...

Hi Lin!

Dapper Cow IS da'Bomb :))


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

The reason why it is called chicken-fried steak, my dear RDG, is because it is breaded and fried like chicken should be prepared. That is, except for when the chicken is being barbequed, of course.

Oh, and it would be for Soub's edification to explain that real chicken-fried steak always comes smothered in cream gravy. For I was once served "country-fried" steak somewhere up in the northeastern part of this country that was covered in a mushroom gravy. Yeah, it only happened once.

Hey, you might get a kick out of reading at least The Thirteenth Crumb of The Crackerhead Chronicles. For it is mostly about my adventures in and around Amarillo back in the middle '80s.


Lee said...

A bit horny!!!

red dirt girl said...

Ahhh, the obvious answer, Jerry. I'm with you about the gravy !!

My favorite meal of all time is still biscuits and gravy - like my grandmother used to make. Homemade biscuits and a thick cream gravy made from the drippings of fried sausage. Funny. I didn't like the sausage but ohhhh that gravy .. YUM!


red dirt girl said...

Arrggghhh, Lee :))