frivolous friday

I do not see him here or there.
I do not see him anywhere.
I think he may be in that box,
introducing me to paradox.

I think that cat,
he may be dead,
lying in his cardboard bed.
In the box he would not thrive,
but chances are he’s still alive.

The kitty with the quantum oath,
at this moment he may be both.

“The Cat In The Box” design by Nathan W. Pyle shows a Dr. Seuss-like book cover altered for the thought experiment of Dr. Schrödinger.

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Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Yep, that was the very definition of frivolous. (LOL?)

Lee said...

A great piece of whimsy.

Whimsy is what we need right now, I do believe!

red dirt girl said...

Right. I often pass my frivolous time considering strange paradoxes and pondering whether cats in boxes are alive or dead or .... both!

LOL of course!

red dirt girl said...

Thank you Lee. I fully agree - we need more whimsy in our lives!!