last seen ...... lost in austin !



Gary's third pottery blog said...

awwwww :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...


Adullamite said...


goatman said...

Lunch on the hood of a . . . what thhh is that.

I hear the South by Southwest assembly was neat -- over 2000 musicians.

Have fun

red dirt girl said...

Gary - Yes! (and happy belated birthday)
Cosmo - Yes! (and happy belated birthday)
Adullamite - Yes! (and happy whenever its your birthday, birthday)
Goatman - this is what Soub told me to reply:

We attempted on many hoods but found them to be too hot ... so we retreated to a comfortable bed ... (he didn't tell me how to end this comment...or maybe he did and I was too knackered to remember!)

That's a rather rough looking picnic table at Doc's on SoCo in Austin. We missed all the great happenings in Austin ... except for pi kappa phi's Parents' Weekend. But fun was indeed had by all!


bulletholes said...

Hi guys! Good to see you!

Lin said...

Sweet! :)

Lee said...

There's a lot of good music in and from Austin...not a bad place to be lost in, I'd say!

red dirt girl said...

Hey there, cowboy! Yes, I suppose we are fully outed here. I didn't give Soub a chance to dissent on posting the pic. Hmmm ... payback could be dicey for me if he chooses to post some of those pics he took of me !! I will plead for mercy and explain that exuberant love made me do it ;)


red dirt girl said...

Hi Lin!
Thank you :). That's me and my sweetheart, Soubriquet, during his latest visit to Texas.

Parting is such sweet sorrow ... :/


red dirt girl said...

Hiya Lee!

Happy belated Easter greetings :)

I've heard the same but as of yet have not sampled the music of Austin. Which simply means we will have to return again.

This trip was a short one as I had to work 3 days in the midst of Soubriquet's visit. My oldest son is at UT Austin, and we left early on Sunday morning to arrive in time for brunch with him. It was 'Parents' Weekend' hosted by his fraternity. We missed the bar/music hopping scene that had happened the night before.

Next time, then ...


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

After finding out what all Google Fiber has to offer, I am ready to move to either Austin or Kansas City!


red dirt girl said...

That does look pretty cool, Jerry! Of course, if you know anything about me and Soubriquet, you'll know that I am definitely NOT the one you should be talking to about Google Fiber (really, at first I thought this was some sort of new fangled 'roughage' for hamsters ....)