like mother like son ...

Hopdoddy's on SoCo, Austin, Texas

My oldest child, Isaac, a sophomore at UT Austin, invited us up for the Zeta Theta chapter
of Pi Alpha Phi's Annual Parents' Weekend.  And no, I do not understand the 'Greek' any
better than you do!  Because I had to work part of the weekend, Soubriquet and I were only
able to meet Isaac for brunch on Sunday.  We had little time to visit or talk.  Plus my handsome
son was running a slight fever, had a horrible cough and a sore throat.  So I did what any momma mule would do:  I took him to a local pharmacy; purchased some OTC meds; and sent him back to his apartment with instructions on what to take, including a NAP!  Later in the evening we met at Hopdoddy's, a gourmet burger joint, on the infamous South Congress strip.  Isaac was feeling more spry, and we had fun mugging for Soubriquet's camera (both of us notoriously camera shy :)

Why we love Hopdoddy's !!



Adullamite said...

Camera shy? No pretty young lass should be!

Dave Renfro said...

He's a dashing young blade!

SL said...

Meds and milkshakes, the best cure! Great picture of you both!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I can certainly see where he gets his good looks! (Not that you are also ruggedly handsome, my dear RDG.)

goatman said...

I was once thrown out of a frat -- too independent. Became a part of what were termed the GDI's (goddammed independents) on campus.

But I found out later that frat associations can be part of the network, handy when when going for that job, or the next job . . . . (Masonic association is also handy, but rare these days)

Lee said...

What a lovely looking young man. You must feel very proud of him...and rightly so. :)

red dirt girl said...

Oh thank you all for the lovely comments! I rarely blog about my kids, but truly, they are all wonderfully special to me.

Ruggedly handsome, Jerry? Actually you would not be too far off the mark. My ex-mother-in-law, a Honduran, always told me I was "Guapa!" which roughly translates to 'handsome.' No, I was never bella (beautiful) or linda (pretty) or even bonita (cute). I was guapa.

I was also a 'GDI' in college so feel somewhat bemused by his 'transformation' into preppy frat boy. But hey, college is where you try to figure it all out. Or, at the very least, try on different personae!

I AM a quite proud mama mule, Lee!

thank you thank you