mr. fix-it-man

"Cause if you don't fix it baby .... maybe the milkman can."

At MY house, there's no need for the milkman.  My man is THE Mr Fix-It Man. Within 48 hours of his arrival, Soubriquet was busily 'fixing' this mule's paddock whilst my co-workers were busily texting me - 'What are you doing??? Where are you??  Are you having fun??"  I explained ever so sweetly that having a man who can solve the small problems that plague a single mom's life is worth his weight in chocolate.  Better than chocolate, even!  

And though it did not sound romantic, Soubriquet had unplugged my bathroom sink, unplugged my daughter's shower, cleaned the mineral deposits in my porcelain toilets, repaired (again) the broken handle on the microwave, oiled the garage door tracks and back door hinges, unsunk my in-sink-erator (which hasn't worked properly in the full 3 years I've lived here) and fixed the front door lock. He also had the oil changed in my car, replenished the anti-freeze and washer fluids, and put air in my tires.  

And if ALL OF THE ABOVE was not enough, he served me porridge and tea in bed and read poetry to me.  I saucily text'd my boss, "Are you jealous yet?"  I received a terse text back:  "Yes. Have fun." 
front door lock
Now it locks!
microwave handle
And do you think Soubriquet stopped there ... OH NO!!  He drove me to work and picked me up each day.  One evening we pulled up to the house, and Soub was telling me all about his day as he casually pressed the garage door button.  I glanced at the garage but focused on him, laughing at one of his humourous moments and then did a double-take.  WHHAATTT???  My garage!!  Oh my heavens, you could actually see a clear path from the driveway to the kitchen back door!!!  Not only had he 're-arranged' my endless pile of stuff, he 'organized' it as well AND swept up all the dog food that had been scattered about.  And let's not forget the bikes - he dusted those off, and pumped the tires and took me on a very very short impromptu ride.  What a busy boy he had been ......

you can actually walk through the garage now!
organized stuff'
I could continue on here.  We haven't even begun to discuss my various technology 'issues' which Soub also tackled.  And yes, we DID take two trips to the hill country of Texas.  I unashamedly admit that I LOVE having my mr. fix-it man take care of me.  Oh sure.  I could do the self-sufficient pioneer woman thing and  .... hire out these jobs.  And deny myself the pleasure of being cared for???!!  I think not.
my reminders

He's hoping he won't have to clean my toilets again!

Grippy stuff for the pesky center console in my SUV

Now this is the true treasure of my man:  On his final day in Texas, I awoke early, got ready for work, he fixed me porridge and tea one last time, and I kissed him hard and left..  I cannot bear taking him to the airport, so I arrange for a car service to take him.  When I arrived home that evening, to my empty house, no tea waiting, no Soubriquet waiting, I found these lovely pink notes scattered about my house.  Small reminders that I am truly loved and cared for.  

Thank you, sweetheart.


J Cosmo Newbery said...


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Gloria Steinem would not approve of this message.

Adullamite said...

Feminists everywhere grind their teeth at a truly happy woman.

Lee said...

There is nothing quite like a handy man...a man who is handy.

I'm so happy for you - for you both - you've written so well about Soubriquet's visit...it would be impossible not to join you in your joy.

I hate goodbyes - and am totally hopeless at and during them! O'm the biggest softie out! So, your decision to use the car service was a very sensible one, I think.

(Stuff Steinem and all Feminists, RDG....savour and cherish every single moment!) :)

red dirt girl said...

Oh I don't know guys. I probably wouldn't have written this post when I was in my twenties. But at 49 ??? A true feminist knows she can manage her own life but gracefully and gratefully acknowledges that when her man does the fixin', she feels all kinds of lovin'...;P


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Oh, but I suspect that Soub is getting the most out of this relationship. Be assured that I mean that in the purest sense. For there is great joy to be found in being of help to another. (Alas, I sure hope this doesn't make Adullamite's head explode. For I would hate for that to happen without me being there to see it!)

Lin said...

The key here is that he was thoughtful in his work. The jobs he did were minor, every-day annoyances that drive us crazy. He got that and went to work.

What a wonderful guy you got there! It's not about feminism---it's about making life nice for those you love. I like that. A LOT.

red dirt girl said...

Hahhaaha Lee - you and I were writing at almost the same time! Synchronicity! or great minds think together :)

Well it's true I've been gushing a bit lately here and fear I might be turning readers away with such sweetness and light.

Am I being a bit too treacly? Be honest. You know I can take it.

But yes. I AM happy. And so glad others can see it too.


red dirt girl said...

Hi Jerry,

I just returned from your blog as well. We are all criss-crossing in cyber-space today!

Seriously, I do agree with you. There is no truer pleasure than helping another traveler in this life and knowing you've done it well.

And my personal prayer is that I spend a life time feeling grateful for him. Can't bear the thought that one day I might take this man for granted!!


red dirt girl said...

Hi Lin!!

Oh I like that:

"it's about making life nice for those you love.

It is! It is! And I truly hope I am making life nice for him as well.

thank you for the lovely thought.

Lee said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about the wonderful time you two had together. There's nothing "treacly" about it.

Your happiness exudes from every word you've written. And, it makes me happy. Pay it forward....

Life is too bloody short...go for broke when you have the chance...that's my mantra!

Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. If they don't enjoy your posts that's their problem or hang-up! They're probably envious, anyway...and no one is forcing them to read your joy! ;)

I'm a romantic from way back - and I give no excuses for being so...and I sure am not going to change!

red dirt girl said...

Oh Lee I just want to give you a great big hug ((HUG!!)), girlfriend !!

you're the best!


(Jerry? Does Adullamite really have an exploding head ???)

Dave Renfro said...

You hit the handyman jackpot!

red dirt girl said...

Indeed I did, Dave.
Indeed I did ;)


bulletholes said...

You got yourself an honest to goodness good guy there!

red dirt girl said...

I could not agree more, cowboy!


SL said...

It is sooo good to take care of, and be taken care of, by the one you love. So happy you guys have found one another!

red dirt girl said...

Thank you so much, SL !!


soubriquet said...

Mr Fix-It man is blushing here.

But some of your commenters have touched upon the key to such behaviour quite exactly.
It's no chore to do things for someone you love. Why would anyone not do those things? After all, I fix things in my working life, I get paid to do it, it's true, but often I'm doing it for people with an overblown self-important sense of entitlement.
To do a little fixing for you?
It's my way of saying with deeds, what I'm so bad at saying with words.

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.


goatman said...

What more to be said?
I am speechless . . .

red dirt girl said...

No need for words, goatman. Your presence (which has been noted and missed) is more than enough!


bulletholes said...


red dirt girl said...

Aren't they the bomb, cowboy ??!!


bulletholes said...

Makes me wanna fix something.