life lesson #389

Unless some sweetness at the bottom lie,
who cares for all the crinkling of the pie?
 William King, The Art of Cookery (1708)

I mean, let's face it - how many times have we bit into something that LOOKS deliciously juicy and spat it out immediately because it was horrid ??  How many people have we secretly envied their beauty, grace, style or ...?? And found them to be utterly vapid ??  And who in their right mind would forgo the pleasure of digging down to the bottom of sweetness ?

I rest my case.


Adullamite said...

Your case is good.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

fine looking dessert :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Does that thing constitute a tart?

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Hey, what have I done to you lately?

goatman said...

I once spit in my bowl of chile, circa 8 yrs old, and was roundly corrected with no dinner.
I like chile now (without the spit, I hope)!
Oddly enough, most people I meet tend to me to turn out vapid. You are sailing along hoping for the best then suddenly person says "well what is on your bucket list?". I think "screw you, if you have lived a whole life and have not done all you want, what the hell did you waste it on?"

I did meet a person the other day though that encouraged a nice discussion of flying dreams. So all is not lost.

red dirt girl said...

High praise from Adullamite!

Gary ~ have you figured out a way to make vegan ice cream?

Cosmo ~ I generally reserve tarts for my Lola's Loves blog ....

(groan. couldn't help myself :)

Jerry ~ ?? are you admitting you are all flash and no substance ?? or that you lack a certain sweetness ....? spit it out, boy!

goatman ~ You have my permission to throw a shoe at me if I ever post a bucket list. Sometimes I will joke about checking something off my list, but truly I'm much too scattered for lists. I tend to lose them!

You do raise an interesting question regarding 'what have we done with our lives' - do we ever feel content? Ohhh I wish I could fly in my dreams! I did dream that a very tall giant lifted me high up over his head - and that felt deliciously like flying. Last night I was stuck in an artists' warehouse where everyone was busy creating ..... except me!


red dirt girl said...

Oh and yes, Cosmo, in the culinary world the food pictured is considered a tart. A peach tart. I love peaches .... :)


Lin said...

I thought of biting into a summer peach....dreaming of it's juicy goodness, only to find it woody. There is no hell like a woody peach. :(

red dirt girl said...

Amen to that, Lin !!


Lee said...

I've spat out a lot of people! ;)

red dirt girl said...

Hahahahaaa, Lee !!