An Offering

I am the woman at the water’s edge,
offering you oranges for the peeling,
knife glistening in the sun.
This is the scent and taste
of my skin: citron and sweet.
Touch me and your life will unfold
before you, easily as this skirt
billows then sinks,
lapping against my legs, my toes
filtering through the rivers silt.
Following the current out to sea,
I am the kind of woman
who will come back to haunt
your dreams, move through your
humid nights the way honey
swirls through a cup of hot tea.

~ Shara McCallum

via: SL at Assorted


J Cosmo Newbery said...

That is beautiful, sensuous writing.

Frankie Jay said...

Stating the obvious, but yes, beautiful. I'm sure we would all like to be that woman for someone, or at least be able to inspire such "haunting".

Sancho said...

I'll never look at a cup of tea the same way again.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Whoa, why did I spend so much time scouring the pages of the women's underwear section in the Sears and Monkey Ward catalogs when there was art like that to appreciate?

red dirt girl said...

do love the sense-filled language of this poem. And of course we ALL want to be the unforgettable one ... in a haunting, honey swirled way. Sancho drinks tea ?? I thought he was double espresso kind of guy :)

Jerry !! Ummm ... did you read the poem or did the nipple arrest your attention permanently ?? I'm always pleased to pass on a bit of art appreciation ;)


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

What poem?

red dirt girl said...

Jerry - LOLOL :-)

(and your comment on the post above regarding Siberia is pretty darn funny as well !!)