Bring It All Down on the Side of Love

Today I bring it all down
on the side of love
and I’ll tell you now,
yes, you should fly across the country just
for 48 hours in her arms
spend your last dollar and borrow more
to get there

steal words from the past and
ink them along your lower left rib
in a promise to never risk this.

then risk it.

let it get fucking messy.
get naked and swim around in the
havoc you’ve brought forth
by loving
claim fiercely only the brief moments
you are given.

then take more
take everything
take with relentless fury
take until the taking looks like giving
and the giving looks like a prayer.

love like holy looks when it says your name
like a confession booth redemption.
and like on your knees supplication
to gods you don’t believe in

then see what happens if you believe in them.

love like the cadence of poetry.
like nails down your back
like a battering ram
like a mother holds her child.
like a consecrated temple
and like a seedy hotel room affair.

love like everything depends on it.

because it does
and it doesn’t

so love them both
love wrong till it’s right
love like they tell you
you could not
should not
can not

and then do.

~ excerpt via: Peace.Love.Free
by Jeanette LeBlanc



Sancho said...

If it's alright with you, I think I will just have a nice cup of tea and a wee lie down.

goatman said...

A high nail to hit, but worth it if you can keep all the words straight.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I suppose there is a poem with this one, too?

red dirt girl said...

Sancho ~ it is a rather exhausting list. Just make sure you truly LOVE that cup of tea and bed you are lying on ...!

goatman ~ the message for me is if I'm going to love, LOVE then LOVE with everything I've got. No excuses. No holding back because the first marriage tanked, or because I learned not to trust men when I was 14... yada yada yada.

Jerry ~ hahahaha .... yep. Somewhere to the left of her tattoo. I have a feeling you are going to LOVE it :)


Frankie Jay said...

So glad I have this kind of love.

PS-aren't you on your honeymoon :)

gz said...

xx gz

bulletholes said...

You and Assorted are killin' me with these. Killin'.
Very nice Red.
I live this one 12 hours a day.
I don't know where the other half goes.

red dirt girl said...

Then you are a very lucky lady, indeed, fjay !!

No, no honeymoon yet. That is still to come. The visa is approved on THIS side of the ocean, but now it travels to the US consulate in London. The consulate will send Soub a packet of what to do's etc. Documents he will have to mail in; documents he will need for his personal interview etc. The consulate will schedule his medical exam and his personal interview. If all goes well at the interview, then he will be issued the ACTUAL fiance' visa. From that point, he has 6 months to travel to the US on it. Once he enters the US, he has 90 days to apply for a Social Security Card, get married, apply for 'an adjustment of status' - basically his temporary green card. Plus he has to pack everything up and have it shipped via a container.

The BIG wait was getting my 'petition' for Soub approved. The next few steps according to what we have read on the internet will probably take 2 to 3 months. As of yet, he has not received his packet from the US consulate.

Back to the waiting game :)

red dirt girl said...


red dirt girl said...

Oh snap, cowboy! I stole this piece via a link off a link from Assorted. I followed her Redemption Day link to Rebelle Society, and then followed the writer's link to Peace.Love.Free.

I know EXACTLY what you're feeling cowboy! Intense isn't it ??!! If we are going to fall, then we should aim to fall hard with no reservation. Let go, let ... (you know the rest)

Hope you are hanging in there :)

Frankie Jay said...

Aah, so the cheesecake scenario was the DREAM wedding :-)

red dirt girl said...

LOLOL, fjay ~ in a manner of speaking, yes ... I shall say no more lest I incriminate the parties involved! ;-P