I get by with a little help from my friends ...

 The first image is from SL at Assorted.  I love how she is laughing with her whole body, unrestrained and uninhibited.  The quote posted with it states: 
Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.
~ St. Catherine of Siena
A smile like that WOULD set the world on fire.  The second image is tonight's dinner ;-P
 A great smile + cherry garcia = a good end to a long day 
Tomorrow it's back to the trenches ...



J Cosmo Newbery said...

Both food for the soul, in their own way! ;-)

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Is Chunky Monkey reserved for a different mood?

Adullamite said...

Never mind the laff, pass the ice cream!!!!

soubriquet said...

Cherry Garcia is my favourite among Ben&Jerry's ice-cream flavours.
I rarely see it stocked around here though. Picture my joy when the Red Dirt Girl stocked her freezer with some.

I learned something valuable about family living that I should have remembered from my own teenage years. Kids are like a storm of locusts.
They'll leave all the healthy stuff in the fridge, and the Cherry Garcia tub will be gleamingly licked dry.

Sigh. I shall need a fridge with a safe compartment. Or eat my ice-cream before it gets home.


SL said...

That is why the young lady is so happy, she just found out there is some Cherry Garcia in the fridge that the kids missed!

red dirt girl said...

Definitely soul food, and my soul is in need of some nurturing lately !

Chunky Monkey is reserved for 'that time of the month.' Don't touch my Chunky Monkey >:O

I'd happily share my ice cream with you, Adullamite!

I've discovered the solution, Soub! I hide it in the 'ice bin' located at the top of the freezer. It no longer automatically makes ice - actually it doesn't make anything. Perfect for stashing pints of cherry garcia and thin mint girl scout cookies. I would suggest, however, that when buying ice cream you should get into the habit of buying two containers. I didn't pass the 'shares with others' lesson in pre-school LOLOL!

Hahahahahaa SL! You find the BEST images!


Sancho said...

Soub: Put in in an old Brussels Sprouts bag.

soubriquet said...

Sancho: Masterly advice, and as I likes Brussels sprouts and spinach and all manner of greeny goodness, it's a winner.
Them thar folk in that household would NEVER find it.

red dirt girl said...

Even if I KNEW there was cherry garcia in the brussels sprouts bag, I STILL would not eat it ... TAINTED ice cream, EWWWW!!


Lin said...

I'm not a big ice cream gal. Seriously...I can pass on it for some reason. But I do enjoy me a good laugh.