about that visa ....

first by mule

Wow.  Where has the time gone ??? It seems like yesterday I was dancing for pure joy over our approved visa.  What?  It wasn't yesterday ???  It was, umm ...., June 18th to be exact ??!!  My how time flies.  I wish I could say the same about the visa process.  Yes, on June 18th a letter was written to RDG stating that my approved petition for my K-1 fiance' visa was winging its way over the ocean to the consulate listed above.  (Listed above was Consulate:  London).  Imagine my surprise on July 10th when I received a text message telling me that the status of my visa case 'had changed.'  I rushed home from work, pulled up the USCIS website and plugged in my case number.  Guess what ??  My visa has now been forwarded to the State Department.  What does THAT mean ??  I surmise from various websites that it is the appropriate time for the US government to step in ask that very ALL IMPORTANT question that it asks of ALL its immigrants:  
Are you planning on collecting food stamps, welfare and using our 'free' medicare system when we allow you into our fine land ?  Because, well, if you are .... we might have a problem with that.  It's not like we allow just ANYBODY to live off the fat of our land.  
(Snickering mule noises can be heard.)  So while Soub was anxiously checking his post daily for a packet from the US embassy, I was anxiously checking my mailbox for my 'Official' State Department letter.  

Oh joy renewed when I received my 'official governmental form letter' last week advising me that my petition has been forwarded to the appropriate embassy listed above.  (Listed above:  London)  The letter also asserted that the petitionee would be hearing from the above referenced embassy WITHIN THE WEEK for instructions on preparing for his/ her visa interview.

Oh how we laughed.  Oh how we scoffed.  Those bureaucratic jokesters pulling our legs AGAIN. 

You really cannot blame us when Soub received an 'official' missive from the US Consulate:  London that we rolled our mutual eyes and muttered, "What now?" But oh happy day!  It's here!  It's here!  The 'packet' - complete with instructions to a website that no longer exists - which explains all he must do before the Embassy will schedule his interview.  Forms, forms, my life for more forms.  Officious papers.  Signed and notarized papers.  And about that little part on our generous 'welfare' system .... we need your girlfriend to prove she can support you AND her 10 kids,  mules, small pets and assorted vermin.  All on her hourly wage.  For at least 3 years.  Because we figure it will take you about 3 years to learn proper American English including the local Tex-Mex dialect, which will be necessary if you wish to pursue employment in our fine country.

then by sea
(that English Channel business is ROUGH)

There you have it my fine, faithful blogging friends.  Yes.  An end is near.  When?  Well, we've been asking that question since last fall.  These days no one wants to commit to a definite date.  You understand, I'm sure.  We'd hate to let you down if for some odd reason our current methods of delivery (see above photos referenced) had a scheduling delay (hay breaks. carrot breaks. barnacle removal.  oiling the teak decks.  missed the english channel by a few nautical miles).  No mistaking friends, we are as happy as clams in our mountains of paperwork.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Even if we cannot see it yet.

~ will keep you posted, pinky promise


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Good golly...you sure do see signs of all kinds of political horsesh!t in those messages, don't you?

J Cosmo Newbery said...


(Modified rapture!)

bulletholes said...

Mi eengleeesh, sheeze nut zoe gud.

goatman said...

I would come in through Canada!

soubriquet said...

I am at the same time, deeply excited at the progress, and deeply frustrated at all these densely packed, badly worded forms.
And the crazy questioning, like list every place you've lived for over six months, since you were sixteen.
With dates.
Readers, ask yourself, could you easily do that?
Which year was it?
What month?

Still, we're moving on.
Woo Hooo!!!!!!!!

Well, we all know who I'm a wooing!!!!!

Adullamite said...

Form filling is so much fun!!!!
Will they be able to read his answers as he speaks Yorkshire?
Why should he learn Tex-Mex when he will be teaching them how to speak proper?

The light can be seen at the tunnel end, it's getting bigger daily!