sagacious saturday



J Cosmo Newbery said...

LOL! Thank you, I needed that!

Lee said...

The onions cry when they see me!

Adullamite said...

That's wonderful!!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Would sagacious have anything to do with sage sausage?

soubriquet said...

"When faced with my demons", I chop them and peel them... I'd like to think the onions cry along with me. We are, after all, embarking on a journey together, we're taking part in a sacrament where I and the onions will become one.

Of course, the onions don't come out of it unscathed, but I think need to weep more than I do.

red dirt girl said...

You're quite welcome, Cosmo. Laughter is good for ails a soul.

Lee, I can see you, aproned and armed with a wicked blade in hand. Onions are rolling away screaming ... LOL

Adullamite, so happy it made you smile!

Jerry, I do think you are on the right path in your critical thinking - as 'sage' and 'sagacious' do have etymological commonalities. Sausage? Well now that is an altogether different food group. But quite tasty sounding :)

Soub, yes, I can see your zen logic at work here, but question the veracity of your statement. Is chopping onions truly a sacramental act in your kitchen? Incense of ... garlic? Candles burning (or is that the oil on the stove you forgot you've left heating ???) Beyond your ingesting the sacrificial onions, I don't think I want to imagine exactly HOW you and the onions become 'one.'

I shall weep for your onions.


red dirt girl said...

good for WHAT ails a soul ...