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The Story of a Not-So-Short-Lived Obsession

I know, I know.  I've been sort of MIA on the blogs lately.  Summer is rushing by too quickly; Soub's visa process is moving too slowly; and I keep getting sidetracked by this and that.  Yesterday,  my good friend at Assorted, SL, emailed me the following:

Hey girl!  What happened to your tumblr?

Guilty as charged, blogging friends.  I've been canoodling with Tumblr.  Here is my response:

Hey girlfriend - hahahaa!!  I was planning on blogging about it ........ A very typical mistake for me:  in my glee at clearing out all my photo files on my laptop, I also erased my firefox browser program.  Now the issue is that I am working on a 7 year old MacBook pro which is probably running on some earlier version of snow leopard .... like snow kitten I'm thinking :)  I find an earlier version of firefox and download it, but it's not the 'right' version for my Mac and I can no longer run any YouTube videos, read my emails in gmail, nor COULD I LIKE OR RE-BLOG any photos on my tumblr.  I search around google looking for an answer on why tumblr won't allow me to 'like' - no clear answers.  My stupidity then leads me to believe that if I delete my current tumblr, I can start a new one with the 'new' firefox browser I am using.  So i hit delete ....... and NOOOOOOOOOO !!  Girlfriend,  I have no idea why I thought that was the right answer.  Because I finally FIND the version of firefox that I am using (3.6. something) and all of a sudden my bookmarks are back, my google mail is back, my youtubes are back ....... but I 've LOST MY TUMBLR - arggggghhhhhhh!!  And not only have I lost my tumblr, but I've also lost all my PHOTO FILES because I had uploaded them to the tumblr - hahahahahaaa........ what can a girl do at this point other than laugh, right ??!!

I'm debating on whether to start it up again (after all I DID upload some of the images to my Pinterest boards until I realized how labor intensive that was ......) 

I mean I got very obsessed with the tumblr blog.  And I made the rookie mistake of following all these other tumblrs - people who upload/reblog  50+ images each day.  I would open up my dashboard each evening and there would be over 100 images to scroll through from all the blogs I'm following.  Then I got all worked up on who was following me or not - why someone would reblog my photos one day and then skip me for a week ..... you know- crazy time here in RDG' s head.  And then those 'odd' or 'weird' tumblrs that have nothing in common with your own, but follow you just to be ...... following ??? LOLOL !!!
I've neglected my other blogs in the process.  Maybe I'm not meant for tumblr .... I love tagging images - it's very ...... easy - no brain power necessary to write anything of substance  - just like or reblog or skip ......but I'd spend HOURS doing it ........ I sound like a nut case, don't I ???!!!    And god I got so obsessed with how the layout looks on my tumblr blog.  Because when you reblog it doesn't automatically drop you into your blog to view it.  So I'd hop over and look at the layout and maybe not like the placement of the image - too busy, too simple, doesn't please my visual 'aesthetic' on some level, so I would delete it or put in 'private' and keep trying to find the right image .......

It's bad, right?  I think tumblr is the 'crack' version of blogging for me and I'd better try to stay clean and stay away .... *sigh*

haven't decided yet.  but I still have both of yours bookmarked :)

I hope you are having a good laugh at my expense here, cause I'm laughing too !!!

And so it goes, my blog faithful friends.   I did stay clean and sober for ....... 48 hours.  But, yes, I shamefacedly admit, I'm back on Tumblr.  But, I hope, a better, more sane, more MATURE tumblr blogger.   I've decided not to upload all the images from my Pinterest account onto the Tumblr blog nor add all the photos that are floating in Picasa's Web Albums (still have images from my blogs of long long ago).  I'm TRYING to stay .... minimal.  I don't know how long it will last.  I'm not being 'followed' at the moment. I've only tagged a handful of my favorite tumblr blogs to follow in hopes that I won't be bombarded by tumblr images on a daily basis.  And I've re-committed myself to my blogging blog:  Through the Garden Gate.  I love you guys and SWEAR on all that lola loves, that this is my blogging home and faithful I will stay.

But in case you are interested here is my Tumblr Blog address:

and if you're all about 'Pinning' - here's my Pinterest address:  red dirt girl

And if you feel you need to band together and stage an intervention, I WILL UNDERSTAND :)



J Cosmo Newbery said...

Holy moly! Have you had a few too many espresso coffees? Talk about fired up!

(Will track down the Tumblr once back in the land of the high-speed broadband.)

bulletholes said...

There are days I think I may have looked at 10,000 images. i think this cant be healthy. But a few days later, I think, "oh, that was a great picture, I wonder where it was?" and I go right to it. Unbelievable.
crazy time in RDG's head. You should take a spin in mine one day.

goatman said...

Aren't electronics wonderful?

Wow, way too much thinking. I didn't realize you were "that" type A.
Its OK though, its you . . .

Lee said...

I truly believe the days are getting shorter. I'm told there are still 24 hours in a day...but, I'm beginning to believe this isn't so any longer!

red dirt girl said...

In the olden days, my doctor would declare this 'manic' behavior and prescribe me some sort of tranquilizer to bring me down.

These days, my doctor tells me this is 'normal' for me.... LOLOL! Not sure which side of the fence is better ;P

Type A ... really ?? Okay, I took the quiz. Here's what it says:

You have some Type A features, but are not the 'typical Type A'. You can probably really benefit from the resources below. While your health and happiness aren't as threatened as some, your chances for improvement are that much greater than those with much stronger Type A tendencies. With some lifetyle changes and a few stress relief techniques, you may be in great shape!

Cowboy! Yes, you and I could definitely do the hula hoop on crazy time together ... glad to know I'm not alone in my obsession :P

Lee! Absolutely, girlfriend. An hour was MUCH longer when I was younger ...!!


Lin said...

It all sounds....exhausting.

red dirt girl said...

I know, right Lin ??!!
And imagine - this is all going on IN MY HEAD ---- arrgggghh ....


Adullamite said...

You are quite normal.....
for a woman......

SL said...

Welcome back to the dark side! Glad you decided to give it another go!

goatman said...

Seems like manic some of the time would be useful, and I like that your doctor understands to let it ride as long as you can look forward to some rest in future. I think most of your inspiration may come then? Just have to pick from the nuggets passing by.

I know not about which I talk -- my brain is mush.

red dirt girl said...

Always generous, Adullamite.
Thank you :P

Hi SL - LMAO. You said it, girlfriend ;P

goatman - your brain is quite alright. And you are correct, 'manic' tends to bring the creative out in me (in various and not so common ways). The change in opinion = change in doctors. Soub claims I am much more emotionally stable since I've been pulled off the bipolar meds. I have to agree. But I do miss those 'manic highs' that allowed me to stay up all night writing poetry and not feeling sleepy the next day!


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Have been peeking in at your Tumblr & Pinterest sites - you put up some lovely stuff.

red dirt girl said...

Thank you, Cosmo ;)

I suppose by now it's obvious that I'm a very 'visual' creature. Pinterest satisfies the 'organizer' in me. Tumblr is allowing me to create a visual diary of sorts. I can scroll through it and see the different 'moods' I was in when I posted the different sets of images.

I'm pleased that my efforts are not wasted .. hahaa.