hot doggin' it



Adullamite said...

A hundred years ago, while in the lake district, I saw a man throw a large stone into Lake Windimere. His Labrador jumped in and searched underwater for the stone to everyone amazement! He found it.

The dogs look aggressive but are having fun!

goatman said...

I can't even get Little Bear into our small lake. I threw him in once to see if he could swim, could . . . MAYBE that's why.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I'm sure they all posted their pics on Dogfacebook.

red dirt girl said...

When I lived in Guatemala, I brought home a beautiful chocolate lab puppy whose name was LOLA. Lola's owner, a breeder of labradors, would take all the puppies down to her swimming pool every morning (we are talking about a litter of 12+) for their morning swim. She'd jump in with the pups and swim for an hour at least!

Hence, Lola was a waterbug extraordinaire! It didn't matter if it was her oversize water bowl or a neighbor's swimming pool, if Lola could get her feet in, the rest of Lola would follow.

Her guatemalan vet always lectured me on giving Lola extra attention and exercise because these dogs are pack/family pups to the max.

He told me a sad/funny story of an older lab who had been brought into his clinic because the lab's teeth were being ground down to nubs. Its owner was mystified as to what was causing the dog to lose its teeth. After conversation, the vet discovered that the owner left the lab at his farm while he and his family returned to their main residence in the city. They might not return for weeks or even months.

The farm caretaker told the owner that the dog, sad and all alone, spent his days on the dock overlooking the farm lake. The lab would bring rocks down to the dock and drop them off the dock into the lake. He then jumped into the lake and dove, retrieving the rock, swimming to shore, trotting out onto the dock to repeat the process over and over again. All day. And the repeated action of retrieving rocks was grinding the dog's teeth away.

My vet said, "That dog (circling finger at temple) was crazy in the head."

I said, "The poor pup needed his family. And doggy prozac. I know it exists because my sister is a vet and gives it to her Jack Russell terriers who are habitually high strung & strung out."

He laughed. Then asked if my sister was as pretty as me ....

Harumph. Latin men. All the same - LOLOL.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Haha. Love it. All of it.
What is you sister like, btw?

red dirt girl said...

Hahaha... what is my sister like ??? I could write a book. Here's a pic Soub took of her back in 2011:


She's a practicing vet with her own small animal clinic in our childhood hometown. She lives on a farm with barns and lots of horses (newest love is George she had shipped from Ireland) She spends her weekends Eventing (horsey shows with lots of jumps and stuff); has loads of dogs, cats ... and lives in a sort of modern barn house - very cool. She's brash. She's loud. She's hot and men are drawn to her like ... white on rice! LOL. But beware .... my little sis is a player for life.

My daughter considers her aunt "the ultimate badass" and she means it in a good way. It was my sis who sent me the previous post about the tribe of blankets. This was in reference to the fact whenever we get together, we end up crawling into her bed with her pack of dogs and taking long naps together. No. We've never had a 'sister act' though we have mused upon it from time to time ;P

I would say we are pretty much polar opposites in every way. But I'm not objective. You'd have to get Soub's take on the 'sistahs'.... I love her and hate her with equal measure as she does me ..... we have the ultimate southern gothic family (she was an English Lit major the first time around). Lots of dysfunction. We love well at a distance and genuinely miss each other. But ... we can only spend a few hours at a time with one another before we begin clashing and clanging.

Oil and vinegar etc etc.

She just sent me a load of pics via her smartphone (I don't have a smartphone so these pics were very very tiny). She was holding a 4 foot brown shark she had just caught with 2 blown out knees (falling off of horses for a lifetime). She said she was scheduled for surgery this month and in October. One knee at a time. Cute pics of her current boyfriend's bird dogs: Deke and Jobe. A sweet one with George nuzzling her neck (george the horse). No pics of the boyfriend ...

Oh. And she told me to go out and get a decent smartphone like everyone else in the world.

See what I mean ??


goatman said...

Not having had any sister, thank goodness, I will have to fall back upon a dog story:
Folks kept reporting to neighbor-farmer George that they were having odd flat tires with damage to the sidewall which ruins the tire (he is the local go-to guy and he fixes tires) ; it cannot be patched. He stores the knowledge then one day spots his german shepherd with his mouth around a tire biting into the side rubber with snarling and great abandon! Dog had great canines for a canine, for awhile . . .

red dirt girl said...

Hahahaha, goatman!

That's a great canine story.


Lee said...

Great pictures that make me feel happy. :)

red dirt girl said...

They do make me smile.