jane kenyon

In the Nursing Home

She is like a horse grazing
a hill pasture that someone makes
smaller by coming every night
to pull the fences in and in.

She has stopped running wide loops,
stopped even the tight circles.
She drops her head to feed; grass
is dust, and the creekbed’s dry.

Master, come with your light
halter. Come and bring her in.

~ by Jane Kenyon
New and Selected Poems. St. Paul, Minnesota: Graywolf. 1996



bulletholes said...

OOHHH, that's got a sting! Kinda smacks you right in the lip.

Lee said...

I particularly like that picture!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

It's sad. It's true. It's...it's...it's...

red dirt girl said...

I love Jane Kenyon's poetry. I know she struggled with depression her whole life, yet she and Donald carved this beautiful life in the New Hampshire countryside .....

There's a Bill Moyer's documentary of the two floating around somewhere. I think it came out in 1993.

I should probably scope it out on YouTube ... another day.


bulletholes said...

Here you go...