september's knocking

Though January 1st is considered the 'official' start of a new year, for me September shall always remain the beginning of a new year.  The new school year:  a year older; a year closer to being grown up; a year further up the food chain in the school pool of sharks and minnows.  Even after I had finished college, before children, September still had that magical feel of 'new beginnings.'  Cooler days ahead (if we were lucky) and school supplies on sale!!  No wonder I have this lingering life long passion for new colored pencils, pretty notebooks, a box of crayons neatly sharpened and brand new!

With children the cycle of new year, new you continues.  My daughter finding her way,  at the bottom of the food chain again,  a freshman at college.  My youngest son, also, at the bottom of the food chain as he starts junior high.  For my non-American readers, we are speaking of 12 and 13 year olds on the cusp of everything:  hormones, puberty: do I fit in here?  do I fit in there? With teachers and a curriculum designed to separate the chaff from the wheat. This is where the road to college seriously begins.  And my oldest, back this week from his world-wind tour of China, starting his 3rd year of college.  He knows his way.  He's found his place.  He will be 21 in a few months.  Officially an adult in all respects.  And though I will always see the shadow of his tow-headed baby self, he's a man in his own right who is thoughtfully establishing his own world view.  Of course, from my older perspective,  I know this world view will be seriously challenged by life.  But I envy him the arrogance of his youth and his exuberant self confidence.  And I am impressed by the depth of his self awareness.

And me?  New starts for me as well.  Today I begin my new job, a promotion, as assistant store manager.  And soon, Soub will arrive.  New beginnings for us both.  A time where our dreams of a happy future finally have the chance to take root and grow.  It is an exhilarating and somewhat frightening place to stand, on the cusp of our brave new world.  But I wouldn't trade September for any other month of the year.  Spring might have the market in renewal metaphors, but every good gardener knows autumn is the best time of year to plant.  A time for roots to grow deep.  A time to build a solid foundation.

 Happy Weekend, Happy September, Happy New Year!


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Mrs N and I send you and Soub all our love for a great 'new year'. And beyond.

Adullamite said...

Congrats on being assistant manger!
Congrats on getting all the moaners blaming you!
Congrats on being better than all of them!
Congrats, when, his licence is offered!

Lin said...

LOTS of changes on the homefront, eh? Wow. It's hard because I think you feel everything your kid does as they navigate their lives too. I feel it as if it was me entering middle school, navigating a new campus, etc.

I love fall because it isn't the "ending", but the beginning. Like you, I see promise in a new backpack, a fresh box of crayons, and the smell of glue. :)

I wish everyone at your place peace, confidence in their decisions, and a boat-load of chuckles as you all start your new adventures. Sometimes, the chuckles are all that get you through the rough patches.

How is your daughter doing at school? Mine is good. She's a bit tentative (which is new for her), but I think she will gain her confidence soon enough.

red dirt girl said...

Cosmo ~ <3<3<3 Thank you. His interview is set for September 13th. He's tentatively staking mid-October as his arrival date ... We are almost there!


red dirt girl said...

Ah Adullamite - big hugs to you. Thank you on all counts. I'm excited about all the changes and overwhelmed at the same time. But happy. Yes, definitely happy.


red dirt girl said...

Lin, what I love best about you is your sense of humor and laughter. So it is a good reminder to me, a chronic worrier, to slow down and find the smiles. Laughter does make life easier to navigate.

I'm driving up later today to see my daughter. Lucky for me she is only an hour+ away. Luckier even that she invited me. I haven't had a 'full scoop' report; however, I noticed her daily texts soon turned into every other day and then fewer .... I know as she gets rooted, she will need me less. And that's okay. She's quite social AND in a very demanding major (biology to lead into nursing school). I will be watching from the sidelines, chewing my nails to see how she navigates the two halves.

Will post a brief update here after I return late tomorrow evening.

Many blessings to you and yours.

Lee said...

September is knocking...and it heralds that October is drawing nearer, RDG.

You and Soub will bravely face your brave new world, together, side by side; hand in hand; hearts beating as one.
I think it's wonderful the joy and expectancy you are feeling. :)

red dirt girl said...

Oh Lee, thank you so much for your generous heart and words. What I love best about you, Lee, is that you are a romantic at heart (who's lived a wickedly interesting life ;).

Even though we are only planning a 'quick visit to the Justice of the Peace' sort of wedding, I do wish each and every one of you there with us. You are muchly a part of our journey.

In my earlier life, I learned to not hold too tightly to joy or happiness or wishfulness or dreams for fear of losing them. I'm learning this time around to grasp it all greedily and wrap it around me. Life is too short for fear.

You've taught me that lesson, Lee.


SL said...

RDG, this just makes me cry happy tears! So much sweetness/bittersweetness of life all happening at once for you. Congrats on your promotion and I couldn't be happier for all the wonderful things happening now and in the very near future for you and Soub!

red dirt girl said...

Hi SL !!

Sooo good to see you here. Thank you so much for your congrats. I seem to be wobbling around between joy and abject fear and denial is somewhere in the middle.

I almost cannot keep up with these changes. But thank you, thank you! Soub is busily planning his next visit to London. I think he has his hotel and train booked. We are both, frankly, in somewhat of a panic ..... a happy panic!

When it rains, it pours :)


red dirt girl said...

Update on my daughter:

I spent Sunday afternoon / evening with my daughter up at college. She's struggling with all the things I think college freshmen struggle with: homesickness, missing best friends from high school, trying to find their way with new friends, new connections, getting into the swing of college classes (her chem class has 300 people in it) .... So there were some tears; a plea to let her quit and spend her scholarship money traveling the world for the next year (ha! says her mom); and then just catching up on what's been happening. She has enjoyed her first big college football game. She has her first bad cold. Thankfully I stocked her medicine chest before I left.

I'm hoping time will smooth out some of these bumps for her.


Lin said...

Well, she's not alone. I think the girls must all go through it. My Em struggled a bit too--including a massive bout with hives the first week away.

I think things are better now, but she still checks in almost daily for reassurance. I whisper in the phone half-joking "You is smart. You is kind. You is important."

We giggle. And it makes her feel better again.

I'm sure they will figure it all out and settle in soon enough.

red dirt girl said...

Oh I love that, Lin:

"You is kind, you is smart, you is important."

Forgotten how much I loved 'The Help'.

Wonderful way of connecting with your daughter. We aren't phone chatters, my daughter and I, we are (me, reluctantly) daily texters.

I'm praying daily she finds that 'someone' she feels she can connect with (and that someone isn't a 'boyfriend' :) Gabby got spoiled traveling to different countries this summer with her best friend and meeting those 'chill, cool people' who seem to be on perpetual vacations from life. I'm not against that lifestyle for her. I just want her to get a college education FIRST. Then she can roam the highways and byways of the world; work her way around New Zealand (latest idea) or Australia until she finds herself or finds herself wishing for a more settled life. Bottom line - dad and mom paid for the fun summer of travel ... she will have to pay for the lifestyle ..!