current state of affairs ...

LMAO !! 

This on the heels of Dr. Jab and my 6 month med check.  He has given me a 12 month guideline on 'coming off' of my anti-anxiety med.  Apparently withdrawal from it is as equally bad as coming off of any street drug (Does this mean I get new drugs to help me off the old one ??.... just wondering)
Oh right, I'm laughing BECAUSE he praised me for never 'ABUSING' my anti-anxiety med.

Sweetheart, if there is ever a time to abuse an anti-anxiety drug,



Adullamite said...

You will not require anxiety meds soon.
Soub will do the worrying.....

SL said...

HaHa! I am reminded of the scene in Airplane where Lloyd Bridges says "Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop smoking/quit drinking/etc." With all that you have on your plate now, it's a tough time to mess with meds! But I am confident that you will handle it all with grace and panache....just don't give up chocolate too! Big hug, RDG!

soubriquet said...

I have anxiousiety. Bucket loads.
12 hours from now I'm on a train to London. 34 hours away is the interview.

I keep checking the paperwork.... have I got everything?

Hotel booking.
Birth certificate,
passport photos.
Police certificate U.K.
Police certificate Finland
Police certificate Iceland.
Affidavit of support.
Bank balances.
Divorce certficate

Hotel receipts.
Phone records
I might self-medicate with a beer soon.

Lee said...

Now I'm anxious!

red dirt girl said...

Adullamite! He already worries. He worries that I'm worrying and vice versa. Together we make a humongous worrying machine - AARRGGGHHH!

SL - LOL - Dr. Jab is always recommending Airplane to me to watch when I feel unduly depressed/sad ...for that very same reason! At least he has given me 12 months to do this. And he said there really is no major deadline. If I need it, I need it. It's just the next step towards living a medication free life ...(my dream). He more realistically expects I will require some form of anti-depressant for life. But ... I did ok for 3 months med free. I am aiming for 4 months next time etc. Thanks for the hug :-) SL - YOU ARE THE BEST. And chocolate ???

Soub !! sweetheart .... it's going to be fine. Imagine a tranquil train ride into London, while you enjoy people watching and reading your favorite book.

An up market hotel room, luxurious accommodations, feather free, heck I'll pay for the bouquet of flowers for you. Imagine a wonderful, filling breakfast; an easy entry into the embassy.

For your interview, you get a gentle gray haired lady who has a romantic streak and is charmed by your polite British manners and your shy mannered love story. It's a breeze! You both laugh. You tell a joke or two. She's blushing.

Pay your fees. Hand over the documents. She wishes you well on your journey and tells you she wishes she were 20 years younger - she'd keep you in England for herself.

Easy peasy.

Keep your eye on the prize. This is the moment that has taken 14 months and endless anguish to get to... in 5 weeks you will be married.... TO ME :)

Time for the Snoopy Dance. I love you! GOOD LUCK !!


red dirt girl said...

Noooo Lee ..... you can't be anxious too ..... !!!!!!


Adullamite said...

I'm worried now.......