keep on a'clickin' those heels ... (alternate title: Happy Trails !!)

There's no place like home ...... there's no place like home ........ there's no place like ..... EEEK !!  I've hit the 3 week mark, and yes, there's no place like a home that isn't prepared for a new husband!! I mean closet space .... what closet space ???  Forget the garage.  It's a lost cause at this point.

Actually, I'm reminded of Dorothy because I finally, after all these years, got to meet my great friend, COWBOY !!  I'm in Dallas for the week in 'management training', and Cowboy was sweet enough to meet up with me for a great evening of laughs, giggles and awkward moments at Chuys.  And the Dorothy part, well you'd have to scroll waaaaaayy back in time to a place where Cowboy did write ups about all his blogging friends ... except me. LOL.  He told me he went back through his blog and found where I had left my first comment on a post of his, October 26th, 2006 !!  Hard to believe it has taken us 7 years to meet.  He's only a 3 and a half hour drive away.  But life happens and boy has it happened to the two of us during the last 7 years!

He is everything I've known and loved over the years and ... not.  He's more.  He's real.  Not just this great teller of funny, quirky stories on a blog called Bullet Holes In The Mailbox.
And yeah, he used the word quirky and I was impressed because Cowboy has a whole lot more going on in that brain of his than just this larger than life funny man that he plays so well.  And it was all there, the reasons I love this great big hearted guy who befriended me at a turbulent turning point in my life.  Whose blog ended up in divorce deposition papers that my ex. served me.  We have weird history.  And here I am, in Oz, learning all about corporate flying monkeys, and Cowboy rode in on his less than shiny white horse-powered steed to save my day from tanking completely.

Thank you, Cowboy, for a great evening. But even more, thank you for hanging in there with me through the ups and the downs and the times when I couldn't talk to anyone, much less blog about it.

Sort of like now, but now it is all about happy stress which feels just like unhappy stress and I don't think that's very fair, because I am OVER THE MOON happy but seriously running out of time to get my house, literally, in order.  Now I KNOW ya'll are going to leave me comments about how Soub's not marrying the house, but really:  THERE'S NO ROOM FOR HIS STUFF here, at the moment. And I do believe he has a CONTAINER OF STUFF that is being packed up next week.

You know, these big life events, I always tell myself to prepare ahead of time, do a little at a time, so I will be 'free' to savor the big moments.  But I always procrastinate and end up a blithering mess, which must mean this is my coping mechanism.  And hey, you can teach me some new tricks, but at the end of the day, I'm still a one-trick pony.

BIG HUGS, COWBOY!  and it was a long, over-due pleasure.



bulletholes said...

You know, I thought you'd be taller!
Awkward? Really? Which part? Haha!

There was one thing I forgot to tell you last night. Many years ago, back when we were doing menus and food stuff, I had mentioned on a blog that I had some kind of date or something. And in the comments you had advised me to be sure to wear shoes that were not sneakers.
"Don't you wear your beat up sneakers" you had said "You be sure to wear your nice shoes."
And I probably said something like "Yes Mother, thank you" but the fact was this...
Back then I only had one pair of shoes. A beat up pair of sneakers. But I didn't want to tell you that.

I just want you to know that we've come a long way, you and I and yes, I still owe you an "Oz" post, but when I was doing that series, you were on a "Weird Break" ( I could pull something back out of drafts that I had buried for you back during your hiatus)and while I thought I had started an OZ post for you, I don't seem to have one of those in draft. I distinctly recall saving images of Kiera Knightly dressed as Dorothy, in all sorts of tumultuously sexy poses; in the wind, trying to get the storm cellar door open, her dress flying up revealing those delicious legs; her splayed out on the bed the room spinning; bending over to pick up poor little Toto, the light casting a marvelous shadow between...you get the picture...and I better stop before Souby growls at me...

Anyway, yes, you and I have come a long way and I just want you to know that I have more than one pair of shoes these days. In fact I have 4 pairs that aren't sneakers at all, and about five pairs that are, but now that you have met me you are bound to know that whatever shoes I'm wearing, I am fun as hell!

Lee said...

There is no point my telling you not to stress...words wasted...because you will and are! I probably would be, too, in your shoes (not sneakers)!

I've got two flat-pack cupboards to put together (extremely minor to what you're dealing with, I know)...but I'm stressing enough just over these two things that need construction...by me.

My ex has volunteered to come up and put them together for me(he lives down below on the Gold Coast...I live up here on the mountain). I'm seriously thinking I'll take him up on his offer.

We're still good mates...no hassles there.

You'll get it all done one way or the other, RDG...attach one or more of Soub's containers to the side of your house...and they could become his closets! ;)

The most important thing of all is not the space and whatever else, but that he will be there with you...very soon.

Dave Renfro said...

So do you agree with me that Bulletholes has to be experienced in person?

red dirt girl said...

Well I might not be as tall as you thought, but I'm definitely just as cute ;)

I thought you'd be shorter. And less honest.

Awkward? How about when you told me I was supposed to be taller? or when I told you that you always fall for the unavailable girl ... Ha!

You are a ridiculous man to think I'd ever judge you for only owning one pair of shoes. I'm almost CERTAIN that I promised you I would come up and buy you a new outfit, shoes included, for your big date if you needed me to. And honestly? I didn't look at your shoes once last night. Were you wearing any?? Nope. Can't even recall the color.

You are fun as hell, but I've always known that - as much as I've always known your funny guy routine. What I loved best about our date were the moments you were candid ... vulnerable ...honest. You don't have to impress me. You did that 7 years ago with some top notch shoe menus which no one here will remember or understand. I've always liked the soulful Steve.

And I hope you realized that as much as you love to be over the top and light up a room, I love to curl up in a quiet corner and have a heart to heart talk. We are opposites.


red dirt girl said...

Hi Lee !!!

HELP! I know you are right. Though he is giving me some grief about the garage at the moment. A couple of days together - he being ruthless and me wringing my hands - and we should be able to make room for his container before it arrives. Time is the issue right now.

I think it is great and says a lot about you that you call your ex a good friend. I will never be one of those people, but I do admire the ones who can. I will say in my defense, that when it comes to the good of our children, I'm generally a team player. As long as I agree with what he's proposing ...

I just want Soub here.


red dirt girl said...


Hi Dave!


Lin said...

Well, that sounds like a fun visit. I don't know bulletholes....should I?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Come the day, he wont care, you wont care. I'm sure the whole deal doesn't swing on closet space!

bulletholes said...

Thats right Red, you need to just sit back and let him take care of that stuff when he gets here!

Lin, hell yeah you ought to know me!

Annelisa said...

Wow! A whole world of stuff has been going on while I was away...OMG RDG!!! You're here!! I thought you'd disappeared for good - it's sooooo good to see you!

And you met cowboy? And, what, you're getting married?

I had a visit from Steve on my blog...wrote a post recently, first time in forever - and said WB was posting again....he didn't tell me you were too! How cool, and so good to see you, Bulletholes and Water Baby posting...I hadn't realised how much I missed you guys until now!!

Well, enough gushing :-)


Annelisa said...

Oh yeah, and Lin? Yes, you should definitely take time to get to know Bulletholes - he's an amazing man! :-)

red dirt girl said...

Annelisa !!!

OMG - Cowboy and I were TALKING about you during our dinner out ..... missing you, fond reminiscing about the 'old blogging days' .... I thought YOU had disappeared. It is so good to hear from you. In fact I was telling cowboy that when I flew to England the first time to meet Soubriquet (my fiance' now!), you were my BACK UP plan ... you know, if that first meeting at the airport was strange and full of "Gee, this isn't what I expected" - I was going to ring you up and find a train to your part of the world.

Oh well .... we ALMOST met, you and I. Now Soub is moving to Texas and who knows when I will get back to England.

Hope you are doing well .... miss you muchly!