Ed Sheeran - "Give Me Love" captured in The Live Room

On heavy rotation currently, chez red dirt girl, is Suffolk lad, Ed Sheeran. Love these acoustic versions he recorded in The Live Room for "The Warner Sound" in Chicago. Stripped down and bare souled equals Heavenly. Another import to love ;-)



Lee said...

Aha! It's Sunday here....and tomorrow is Monday, 14th!

Okay...so it's still Saturday there and your tomorrow will be Sunday...but what is happening the day after that...which in fact will be Tuesday here?

I know there is something very special happening on your Monday, RDG...but for the life of me, I've forgotten what it is!!

My best thoughts and wishes go out to the both of you. :)

red dirt girl said...


I know, I know. We've been playing this game: I call him when it is past midnight his time. He's my future and can tell me what the view is like from ahead. And his count down is happening much faster than mine! Why am I the slowest ???!!!

I'm sooo excited. So much so that now my staff is discovering my secret. I keep forgetting that I have not been too personal with most. But the few who know ask and I start bubbling over and ... WHAM! Another shocked employee :)

What is strange is this hovering over a life-changing moment. We rarely have that opportunity you know. To see what's ahead and what's coming our way. Most life changers happen to us in an instant. Or they are gradual and a natural progression of events. Which is true to some extent here. However, Soub and I have not had the luxury of 'dating' in the normal sense. I won't know what to do without that dreaded 'deadline' of a plane ticket back - hahahaaa.

And .... the absolute BEST THING I did was pay someone to come and clean my darn house. Oh what a stress reliever!! So Sunday, my day off, I will be able to leisurely start clearing out closet space for him. Don't want him to think I don't want him to stay ;)

Thank you so much for your positive spirit and well wishes. It's lovely to share happiness.


Lee said...

You're more than welcome, RDG. I'm excited and happy for you both. I think it's wonderful! Grab hold of the love and happiness; and don't ever let go.

And never forget these emotions you're feeling now...they will see you through anything and everything that is thrown your way. :)