"he's an alien; he's a legal alien .... he's an Englishman in ... Texas"

He landed safely at George Bush Intercontinental precisely 1 minute past schedule.  He was queued and processed with minimum hassle (except for all the male immigration workers who warned him, "Women change once they get hitched.  They get real mean ...")
Sigh .... marital counseling at this point is rather moot, don't you think ??
Today we got our marriage license - not valid for a minimum of 72 hours - I decided not to tell the kind lady at the county clerk's office that Soub is my first cousin on my mother's side .... hahhaaaa!
The wedding is now officially scheduled at the Justice of Peace' s chambers for next Thursday, October 24th at 3:45pm.  Fancy dinner to follow.  Lemon tart for our wedding cake.
A short honeymoon attending the Annual Texas Clay Festival in Gruene, Texas, to follow.
In the meantime, because I am taking those days off, I have none until the wedding day.
The life of a corporate monkey.
But god am I happy !!!!'
Thank you so much, dear friends, for encouraging us and cheering us on.
Hugs and XXX


J Cosmo Newbery said...

I shall be in Singapore - I will toast your happiness with a suitable drink. Or two.

soubriquet said...

Legal Alien here.
I'm a very happy man after a long journey that started here in the internet, here right within blogger, here within this very blogger's blog. Oh my. Am I really just a character she created with a stroke of her poetic pen?

"Legal Alien"? -Actually, that could be my next blogger persona....

Yes, I confirm the above, the beagle has landed.... not at Tranquility Base, but at Houston IAH. The earthlings were friendly. Actually, I can't speak highly enough of the US Customs and Immigration Officers, I'd expected the immigration process to be long and arduous, all the documentation states that the process so far is not a guarantee that you'll be allowed to enter, Port of Entry officials make the final decision.
It was painless. The officers were efficient, but good-humoured, the women all asking about the wedding, the men telling me it's not too late to run......

Thank you America.

I'm home.

Lee said...

It's all happening! ("Finally!" I hear you say).

Don't forget to take a few breaths...and do get some sleep!

Lin said...

Aw.I love a love story.

Wishing you both many, many years of blissful happiness. Hugs and love to you both!

Dave Renfro said...

Kick-ass love story!

Adullamite said...

The immigration workers seem OK to me dear.....

You do realise we will all be there for the wedding and the party afterwards don't you?

So good to see you happy!

Adullamite said...

Soub, How could they refuse you now?
Just don't get drafted or you will end up in Vietnam!

Good to see you inside this blog at last!

gz said...

Good to see you've arrived safe xx

Inspector Clouseau said...

Congratulations. This is pretty cool. After months, I just happened to head over to Sobriquet's blog, and noted his reference to heading to America to hook up with someone on whose blog he had posted a comment. I had a suspicion! This is a really cool story.

Best wishes!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

gawdamn, congrats to you :)

red dirt girl said...

Oh my! I'm overwhelmed. Look at all the bloggers who have stopped in to wish us well, sweetheart. This is why I love blogging: people you meet here become friends for life (not to mention gaining a soulmate for life as well :)

Truly, I cannot ask for anything more. My cup, indeed, runneth over. So I am soaking it all in and storing up all the happy.

Soub has hit the ground running. I truly intended for him to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. First morning dawns, and Soub notes a water stain on the ceiling in our hallway - whhaaatt ??? Unnoticed by me, the A/C unit has been leaking all summer (I thought water was SUPPOSED to be draining down the side of the house). After scrambling around the attic, Soub had located the problem and created an action plan. By the time I arrived home from work yesterday, he had unblocked the twisty drain line from the A/C unit; shop vac'd the excess water and purchased a new overflow pan which he will install tomorrow. I'll leave the details about his encounters with the A/C mafia in Houston for Soub to share.

Again, what can I say ??!! I love being taken care of and appreciate him so much. Here's a man who unblocks drains, fixes mechanical things, then cooks me dinner and reads poetry to me in bed .... !

I know, I am a very lucky woman.

Hopefully we will both get back to blogging eventually. So much change at the moment. Will post pics of the wedding day! Of course you are all invited.

Thank you again for all the love.
Hugs and xxx back!

red dirt girl said...

Special note to Lee:

I'm learning I can live with fewer hours of sleep ... and still awake with a glow ;P


Lee said...

Good on you, RDG...make sure the status quo remains so! :)

alan1704 said...

Hapiness and blessings to you both. Life is there to be lived :)

bulletholes said...

Can't ya'll wait till halloween to get married?
oK, no, i suppose you can't. nor should you!
This has been a long time coming. Congratulations!
Can't wait to hear about the A/C Mafia. i bet they hate the DIY'ers.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I found soubriquet first! Never mind! Have a lovely wedding day and please put some photos on even if it is is only of the cake. May you both be happy together forever!

Lin said...

Can we have photos of the big event please?

bulletholes said...

When do ya'll reckon they'll come up for air?