On the precipice ....

... and the view from the edge is so enticing!
He's at the airport on the other side of the Atlantic.  By the time my work day starts, he will be airborn, soon to cross that large body of water that has separated us all these years.  Oh thank heavens for the Wright Brothers and their wonderful invention:  the airplane.  And if I'm thanking technology I suppose I should thank this thing that did not exist when I graduated college:  the internet .....
and blogging - who knew ???
The journey here has been nothing short of amazing.
Less than 12 hours ... ok maybe 12 considering he has a huge packet for immigration to review.
I'll be pacing the arrivals hall impatiently - checking faces everytime the frosted glass doors swing open.
And in 10 days .... the wedding.
These 'events' are important.  They mark the points where we choose to follow the road less taken.
But it is the journey apart which will now become the journey together
that I am eagerly anticipating.
Travelin' mercies, my beloved.
I am here, waiting, on the other side.



bulletholes said...

"Got me a ticket for an aeroplane..."

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Thinking of you. Happy for you. xxx.

Adullamite said...

Is he there yet.....?

Lin said...

Can I be the flower girl? I always wanted to be a flower girl....

Lee said...

"Arriving on a jet plane...I know when I'll be there again!" :)

red dirt girl said...

Cowboy! Soub adds, "My baby, she wrote me a letter ..."

Thank you, Cosmo :-)

Adullamite - YES! He landed at exactly 6:31pm. I was patiently/impatiently waiting for him in the arrivals hall. And I really needed to go to the ladies room ... after 7:30pm I could not wait any longer and went to the ladies room ... and then, at the most inopportune time, my phone rings ..... dammit - I missed him by minutes !!! I will let him share his experiences with USCIS!

Hi Lin - well of course you can. Actually you could be the bullfrog girl. My youngest would think that was pretty cool ;) Every wedding should have a rogue bullfrog leaping about!

Lee !! YIPPEEE! He's home. Maybe jobless but definitely not homeless!


Lin said...

I'd have to catch one first.....