rims, wheels and spokes

"There's not a single straight line
between our past and present,
nor between this, our now,
and what's to come
when the future finally pours.

Neither can I find
one straight line upon you or me,
we're always curving into
and curling around each other,
circling a common delight.

Our geometries,
like the paths that brought us here,
are complex, twisted shapes,
winding about a center
I am determined to find."


Dave Renfro said...

I actually enjoyed this one, though I'm trying particularly hard to find any center. Hi, mule friend!

Adullamite said...

Are you saying Soub has bought a tandem.....?

bulletholes said...

Really nice.

Lin said...

It's like a Spirograph of love. :)

red dirt girl said...

Hi guys ... and gal :)

No tandem as of yet. I believe he has visions of resting in a rickshaw whilst he cracks the whip over my head and makes me run harder or whatever .... He's couching this in terms of helping me 'get back in shape.' As though I can somehow reach back in time and regain my youthful appearance ....... NOT!

I love that - spirograph of love. I loved my spirograph. Endless hours of doodling designs. Now if only I could find someone to pay me to do that AND offer benefits!


red dirt girl said...

Hi Dave!
Hi cowboy!