the wedding poem

The Wedding Cheesecake
The Wedding Poem

This day
Let no one claim
That love is false. Let no one
Tell a tale of love's dilution,
Cross his lips with doubt,
Or discuss the up and down and up
Of love chained to a balance beam -
Laundry and who takes out the trash.

Instead, let us make a pact:
To stop for this short time
The radio in our heads, the voices
Of discontent that drive us mad -
The committee of shoulds and oughts
And might have beens. The old harangue
Of never never never.
To forsake, for these next minutes
(Not for this couple but for ourselves),
All the symptoms of our days.

Then, together, let us swear,
That this sun, this sky, these vows,
This bubble balanced on the point
of a knife is all there is -
For we have pushed aside the walls
That close us in
To come to this shared space. And see -
We have filled the space with flowers,
Where love, like some bright bird
Too swift to hold,
May light for us a while and sing.

by Alice Friman

**Note - he found the poem, not I.
I said he was great, didn't I ???



gz said...

that brings tears to the eyes, a lump to the throat and joyful emotion to the heart.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I have always trusted your judgement.
His is pretty good too.

red dirt girl said...

Ohh, I felt the very same when I read it first, gz! Heart-feltly put my dear friend,

red dirt girl said...

Yes, he's proven his sound judgment ... he married me ;-)

(couldn't resist the fine opening you gave me .....)


J Cosmo Newbery said...

My day has not been wasted, then!

Adullamite said...

He's great indeed
You are too
Now together,
You are two are one, too.

Lee said...

How can we dispute that? :)

red dirt girl said...

Yes, well .......

Note to Adullamite - he's not rebuilding my house since it's a rental. But he has definitely re-arranged the garage!

As for the rest of his spare time, well, I don't really know what he does with his days. As for his evenings? We're newlyweds. Does that give you any clues ??? ;-)