"he's an alien; he's a legal alien .... he's an Englishman in ... Texas"

He landed safely at George Bush Intercontinental precisely 1 minute past schedule.  He was queued and processed with minimum hassle (except for all the male immigration workers who warned him, "Women change once they get hitched.  They get real mean ...")
Sigh .... marital counseling at this point is rather moot, don't you think ??
Today we got our marriage license - not valid for a minimum of 72 hours - I decided not to tell the kind lady at the county clerk's office that Soub is my first cousin on my mother's side .... hahhaaaa!
The wedding is now officially scheduled at the Justice of Peace' s chambers for next Thursday, October 24th at 3:45pm.  Fancy dinner to follow.  Lemon tart for our wedding cake.
A short honeymoon attending the Annual Texas Clay Festival in Gruene, Texas, to follow.
In the meantime, because I am taking those days off, I have none until the wedding day.
The life of a corporate monkey.
But god am I happy !!!!'
Thank you so much, dear friends, for encouraging us and cheering us on.
Hugs and XXX


On the precipice ....

... and the view from the edge is so enticing!
He's at the airport on the other side of the Atlantic.  By the time my work day starts, he will be airborn, soon to cross that large body of water that has separated us all these years.  Oh thank heavens for the Wright Brothers and their wonderful invention:  the airplane.  And if I'm thanking technology I suppose I should thank this thing that did not exist when I graduated college:  the internet .....
and blogging - who knew ???
The journey here has been nothing short of amazing.
Less than 12 hours ... ok maybe 12 considering he has a huge packet for immigration to review.
I'll be pacing the arrivals hall impatiently - checking faces everytime the frosted glass doors swing open.
And in 10 days .... the wedding.
These 'events' are important.  They mark the points where we choose to follow the road less taken.
But it is the journey apart which will now become the journey together
that I am eagerly anticipating.
Travelin' mercies, my beloved.
I am here, waiting, on the other side.



letters to the editor



Ed Sheeran - "Give Me Love" captured in The Live Room

On heavy rotation currently, chez red dirt girl, is Suffolk lad, Ed Sheeran. Love these acoustic versions he recorded in The Live Room for "The Warner Sound" in Chicago. Stripped down and bare souled equals Heavenly. Another import to love ;-)



Florida Georgia Line - Cruise (Remix) ft. Nelly

Soub's asking for some linguistic help in learning how to talk 'Southern'. I'm sure any number of the lovely ladies in this video would be more than willing to help an English Alien. As for Florida Georgia Line? What's NOT to love about these homegrown southern boys ?? Bring my old favorite (It's Getting Hot in Here ...) Nelly into the mix and this is a whole lotta fun. Wish I had been in on the party ;-) Oh well. I'm living it vicariously. Ok Soub. Time to get your 'southern' on .......



back to work



rims, wheels and spokes

"There's not a single straight line
between our past and present,
nor between this, our now,
and what's to come
when the future finally pours.

Neither can I find
one straight line upon you or me,
we're always curving into
and curling around each other,
circling a common delight.

Our geometries,
like the paths that brought us here,
are complex, twisted shapes,
winding about a center
I am determined to find."


poor soub ....

Your girlfriend stabbed me in the back with lefty scissors
She's my wife now

~ Sam and Suzy, Moonrise Kingdom