home sweet home

By the time this posts, Soub and I will be proud new homeowners .... and probably feeling a bit shell-shocked considering what this home is costing us!  Make no mistake, however, we are quite excited especially considering the great set-up for Soub's pottery.  We viewed quite a number of properties starting last November.  And while this suburban home lacks the 'rural' feel we were hoping for, it more than makes up for the lack with a large lot, space for the pottery and an in-ground pool that has my youngest mulette quite excited.  It is more than I had dreamed of for our family.  And that has been the overarching truth of my life since last October:  Being married to Soub is all I have ever dreamed of, hoped for and more ... so much more.  I am blessed!

The one-story wing on the left is the original garage that will become Soub's studio:

Inside what will become the pottery studio with a few modifications:

And a separate 3 car garage to house the kilns, the pugmill and
 Soub's impressive tool collection.
(I'm not sure where I will be allowed to park my car ... :-) 

This sealed the deal for my youngest mulette:

Wonder how he's going to feel about skimming the pool and mowing the lawn 
on his weekends ...?!!

Next on the list:  naming the pottery.  We're stumped.
Any suggestions?



valentine, you set my heart on fire ....!

christian schloe



howard schwartz

calling the moon closer

All at once
I find her taking root
in the soft earth beside me.
It's hard to wake her.
Even when her eyes are open
she cannot breath-
whether to draw her breath
like a young girl
or let her leaves absorb
the light.
she calls the moon closer,
and lets me hold her
in my arms,
and all the while she shelters me,
the branches are filled
with a silver light,
as if the moon had slipped

~howard schwartz from The Library of Dreams



thoughts of spring and dreams

With Soub and I crushed under mountains of paperwork - his green card, our soon-to-be first home - I find myself dreaming of gardens and flight and spring.  But mostly I find myself dreaming in odd, staccato stills:

Artists in no order:  Amy Judd, Catrin Welz-Stein, Colette Calascione, Ryan Pickart

Happy February ...