home sweet home

By the time this posts, Soub and I will be proud new homeowners .... and probably feeling a bit shell-shocked considering what this home is costing us!  Make no mistake, however, we are quite excited especially considering the great set-up for Soub's pottery.  We viewed quite a number of properties starting last November.  And while this suburban home lacks the 'rural' feel we were hoping for, it more than makes up for the lack with a large lot, space for the pottery and an in-ground pool that has my youngest mulette quite excited.  It is more than I had dreamed of for our family.  And that has been the overarching truth of my life since last October:  Being married to Soub is all I have ever dreamed of, hoped for and more ... so much more.  I am blessed!

The one-story wing on the left is the original garage that will become Soub's studio:

Inside what will become the pottery studio with a few modifications:

And a separate 3 car garage to house the kilns, the pugmill and
 Soub's impressive tool collection.
(I'm not sure where I will be allowed to park my car ... :-) 

This sealed the deal for my youngest mulette:

Wonder how he's going to feel about skimming the pool and mowing the lawn 
on his weekends ...?!!

Next on the list:  naming the pottery.  We're stumped.
Any suggestions?



Adullamite said...

Super! I am so happy for you!
However the pottery might make a mess of that white carpet.....?

red dirt girl said...

Good point - carpet is on its way out, and Soub is exploring options. Top of his list? Bamboo plank flooring ...!

Hi Adullamite :-)

goatman said...

Very nice!
A worthy abode.
Naming the pottery? Collectively, I guess.
How bouts "The Mad Potter"??

goatman said...

Sorry, bad idea. May be legal problems with the 4 or 5 "Mad Potters" around Houston. (spoke before I researched).
Clay Formations?

bulletholes said...

i dont know what to call it, but I dog the soubs pottery. Water baby has taken back to potting. She found a hobby shop and some kind of collective group that lets her use a wheel and the oven. They dont call it an oven though, do they?
Congrats you guys, place looks great!

red dirt girl said...

Oh forget trying to come up with names .... he's being quite uncooperative. Nothing suits. NOTHING.

But thank ya'll for trying.

I cat your comment, cowboy :-)


bulletholes said...


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Dave Renfro said...

Most young couples just getting started in life rent an apartment for a while, but congrats on making the big dive into home ownership!

And why not just call it, Clay!

You kids are awesome!

Lin said...

Wow! That is an impressive compound you got there! Can't wait to see what comes out of that garage. :)

Adullamite said...

Call it 'Yorkies Room.'

gz said...

Another Name pottery? ;-)

All the best...feeling very envious!!

Lee said...

How very exciting for you all. Good on you! :)