valentine, you set my heart on fire ....!

christian schloe



Lee said...

It goes without saying ...but I'm sure you two celebrated St. Valentine's Day in fine romantic style. :)

red dirt girl said...

Hi Lee :-)

Actually my Valentine spied a pretty little desk at a consignment shop a week ago; sent me photos - I love it - and went and bought it for me last weekend. He then lovingly polished it a number of times and plans on hand waxing the top. He said he could picture me sitting at it doing my 'homework'.

That is the sweetest thing, you know - he's out in his world and sees something and thinks of me; thinks of making me smile.

And his handmade card scored BIG POINTS with the ladies at work.

A fine day, indeed.


gz said...

xxxx gz & Pirate

red dirt girl said...

XXXX gz and pirate !!