Here's to 50 More!

Amen to that!
It means I can still use words like "Awesome"
I was hoping for 'All you can eat Pancakes'
I ended up with a bottle of this (already emptied)
And 3 lbs of these.
Soub was not a fan ...
He wisely chose the shrimp po' boy :-)

Happy 50th Birthday to Me !!


bulletholes said...

Happy Birthday Red! i was thinkin last week it was about that time!

red dirt girl said...

Hi cowboy!!
Thank you so much - it's time for you to make a trip down to Spring and visit us. Give it a few weeks to warm up the pool :-)


Lee said...

Happy Birthday, RDG! You are now officially declared "The Ungrown-up Grown-Up"!

It saves you having a second childhood...just remain in your first! :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Happy Birthday RDG! 50 eh? Cosmo (a couple of weeks past 60.)

SL said...

Happy Birthday RDG!

red dirt girl said...

Hi Lee!! Thank you so much! I think you are AWESOMELY cool :-)

(I'm working on my childhood lingo skills....)

Adullamite said...

Happy Fif...don't be silly,
Happy twenty fifth birthday girl!!!


red dirt girl said...


I was thinking about you when I put this post together ... I thought 'Gee, golly, RDG - you forgot Cosmo's birthday!' I'm guessing it was April 3rd or so, but I am only guessing based on a very fuzzy memory :-)

Happy Belated Birthday, Cosmo !!

My ex-husband sent me a text stating that '50 is the new 30'...so that makes you 40, right?! (I should consider myself lucky that he didn't send a text saying 'Die. Just go ahead and die, dammit.') Hahahaaa.


red dirt girl said...

Hi SL, girlfriend!

Big hugs to you. Thank you so much!


red dirt girl said...

Oh Adullamite,

Aren't you ever the so sweet man?? If I didn't know you to be a resolute Scotsman, I would accuse you of kissing the blarney stone...!

Thank you so much,

goatman said...

So it is "awesome" for a bit longer, then you must grow up and greet life as a big girl!
We used to buy giant shrimp along the hiway near Bay City (Matagorda); what a treat.
Have/had a nice one on your day.

red dirt girl said...

Hahahaa, goatman - I wrote the 'awesome' part just for you ;-) It was a great day. More festivities tomorrow at work. Love it when birthdays (and christmas) last for days ...!


Dave Renfro said...

Dang! I missed the party! Happy birthday, mule friend. I love you both!

Lin said...

Happy Birthday, Red Dirt Girl! Don't worry about 50---I've been here almost a year and it ain't so bad. I like the part when I tell folks how old I am and they say "YOU'RE 50???! No way!" Okay, so they a probably really lying, but it makes me laugh every stinkin' time. :)

red dirt girl said...

Dave! Lin! Hi and thanks. I guess it's just a state of mind :-)