thank you!

Thank you for all the warm comments.  I honestly thought Soub would be the only one to visit my hill country post.  I've been quite neglectful of this space.  But your cheery faces and sweet thoughts touched me.  I miss you guys!!   

Here's one of me and Soub in Austin during that weekend.  We drove in to meet up with my little sis and her boyfriend.  A good time was had by all :) 

soub and rdg, Austin TX

Currently a good time is not being had by all here at home as you've read on Soub's blog.  But he's being a trooper and hasn't grumped once at me even though he's in a lot of pain!

Thanks again, dear friends
xxx, rdg


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Poor dude, thanks for taking care of him and posting your pics!

Lin said...

Aw....look how cute you two are!!

Glad you are back posting...missed you!

Adullamite said...

Yes indeed you neglect us and it's all his fault!

Indeed a 'cute' picture!

Lee said...

Very nice photo of the two of you, RDG.

I hope, as I write, that Soub's pain had diminished greatly. Such pain does play on one's nerves...and I'm still referring to Soub! ;)

Take care, both of you. :)

Dave Renfro said...

I check in on you and the gimp every now and then. Love you both!

red dirt girl said...

Hi Dave!
We've been keeping up with you via facebook. We've got you covered in prayer. Love you too!! You hang in there. Hugs to all.


gewels said...

Hey RDG!
You look gorgeous! and so happy that you and Soub have taken the leap.
May your lives together be full of joy and laughs.Love you and Miss you!!!
Now i'm going to friend you on FB

Adullamite said...

Something is wrong here.
I keep looking but the woman has lost the ability to write.
I blame that man!