a thematic post

From Blossoms

From blossoms comes
this brown paper bag of peaches
we bought from the boy
at the bend in the road where we turned toward
signs painted Peaches

From laden boughs, from hands,
from sweet fellowship in the bins,
comes nectar at the roadside, succulent
peaches we devour, dusty skin and all,
comes the familiar dust of summer, dust we eat. 

O, to take what we love inside,
to carry within us an orchard, to eat
not only the skin, but the shade,
not only the sugar, but the days, to hold
the fruit in our hands, adore it, then bite into
the round jubilance of peach. 

There are days we live
as if death were nowhere
in the background; from joy
to joy to joy, from wing to wing,
from blossom to blossom to
impossible blossom, to sweet impossible blossom.

~ by  Li-Young Lee 



Lee said...

'Tis a long time since you stepped through the door into blogger land....good to "see" you, RDG! :)

red dirt girl said...

Hi Ms. Lee !! It's good to 'see' you too. I just re-read a very sweet comment you left years ago on my poetry blog. It made me miss you. Hope all is well down under. xxx

soubriquet said...


The Valley Below, Bob Dylan. (Better known as "One more cup of coffee).

Adullamite said...

I knew a lass with skin like a peach.
Have you ever seen a 23 year old peach?

Bulletholes said...

Red did a post!
Hey Souby, I LOVE that song...

Anonymous said...

Hope you and yours are above water down there....xxxx

red dirt girl said...

Swimmingly :) ...

(ark building album up on his fb)